Catherine Simoes


Location Brasil


  • In my opinion the best model is the mixed one, because it put together the characteristics of the ability and trait ones. These models separately, make sounds that a human being is one thing OR other ... and this is not whats happens.

  • I don't remember now a public figure that can be a model of emocional intelligent. Anyway, I believe these characteristics can be learned.

  • I believe decisions should be taken mainly for logic - with a little bit of emotion. We are not robot to use only logic and we are not either a box full of desperate emotions. Balance is the key of this equation.

  • I am feeling more and more interested for psychology area. So, as EI is part of it, I believe we can understand part of our emotions and discover the best way to use it to our advantage.

  • It is clear how body can show an idea of what one person wants - or not - to show intentionally! The same words, but expressions completely differents.

  • The story of John Henry is fantastic because we can understand who he is: extraordinary worker, passionate father and a great person to work together. Besides, there are some obstacles he needs to move ... maybe they are part of his hero's journey.

  • @AminaAbbaZoru I loved it! Where are you from?

  • I am Catherine, from Brasil. I have been studying digital marketing and realized how storytelling is important! Besides that, I want to work with emotional side of teenagers - specially related with education ( I am a science teacher already). So, I believe this course will help me to communicate more easily with people.