Tom Bosschaert

Tom Bosschaert

Tom is a renowned sustainability focused entrepreneur, architect, author, and advisor. He developed the Symbiosis in Development (SiD) framework, and leads his field with 20+ years of experience.

Location the Netherlands


  • Great observation, Marcelo. Interesting way to formulate it as well. A the 'bottom of the chain' on an object level, that is what we need to secure. The challenge is to move our complex societies, including our laws, economy, industry, to move in that direction. That is where SiD helps, to understand the complex decision networks that need to be activated in...

  • Hi Yhoni, you have fascinating interests. Systemic sustainability may help you to connect those areas for a greater purpose. Looking forward to connect with you in the course.

  • Hi Maela, welcome ! Glad so have you here from a management perspective. I hope you find what you are looking for, I look forward to your participation.

  • Hi Anne-sophie, welcome to the course. Great to have you here from a tourism perspective, and another French colleague to join the team :) I hope you find what you are looking for, I look forward to your participation.

  • Hi Maaike, glad to have you here. I hoep the course inspires you, and if you want more, also check out to find more free resources.

  • Hi Anne, welcome to the course. Glad to see Zaandam represented from our bases in Utrecht and Amsterdam. Happy to connect on linkedin. I hope you enjoy the course and we're looking forward to your review.

  • Hi James, happy to meet you. I hope the course is insightful for you. We have used SiD on a wide range of urban sustainability issues for 20 years. We are certainly interested in urban sustainability!

    If you'd like to read about some of the urban sustainability projects we've done over the years, check out the projects section on If you have...

  • Good to see you here, Eva. I look forward to connect in the course.

  • Hi Burce, g'day mate. I've been happy to live in Australia for a few years... in Perth of all places. In fact, there it was that I lay the foundations of SiD in the year 2000. You might find a reference to the algae project I did back then on our website, or even in this coursse :).

    Glad to meet a fellow system thinker from the 'old box'. I agree with your...

  • Hi Tania, that sounds like a great base to start from. I was recently in Sao Paola, and tried my best to go to Uruguay. I've been wanting to go there for a decade, since it's the birthplace of the main character of my favorite book.

    In your learning, I'd love to tell you that the complete SiD omnibus book in PDF form is a free download on We...

  • Hi Daniel, glad to have you on the course. Interesting to see you are focused on island and coastal communities. Chance will have it that we've used SiD to make a complete Island Community scan and development trajectory. Check it out here:

  • Haha, thanks :D

  • That is a good question. I developed SiD with a few clear goals in mind. One of them was that SiD should not predetermine an outcome. It should be a guide, not a controller, and should not make judgements for you. If it would, it would undoubtedly be of limited use, and have all kinds of negative repercussions. The consequence is that SiD is simply a fully...

  • Tom Bosschaert made a comment

    Mwa, the website is a bit delayed, better check as this one is more up to date :). What would bet he systemic reason behind website developments always running over their deadlines, you think? Let's make it into a diagram :D

  • Some of my favorite network parameters, in the Harmony set :)

  • Hi Dheebak, welcome to the course. Yes, finding effective means to scale sustainable ventures is a great goal to embrace. I hope SiD can help give you insight in the ways you can determine the potential scale of impact of ventures from a systems perspective, as well as how to help scale them up. You too would benefit from the in depth discussions that are in...

  • Hi Shane, great to see you here! I'm looking forward to connect with you during the course. I know you did the SiD fundamentals course already, but I do think this will provide much added value in laying the core foundations of the structure. I look forward to connect with you in the segments.

  • Great to see you here, Marcel, and keen to explore here and in person to enable the goals you talk about. Very much on the same page, and I hope you find SiD to aid in forming a common language to structure all the layers of abstraction, priorities, stakeholders, and dynamics. See you soon!

  • Hi Malou, great to have you here. Your startup sounds like a great initiative. I hope the SiD course helps you a bit on the way to understanding integrated systemic sustainability, and how you can use its principles in structuring workshops and meetings to move towards high impact goals quickly. Also check out the free resources on, they may help...

  • Tom Bosschaert made a comment

    Hello everyone,
    I'm Tom, the main developer of SiD and lead-educator, working with Mari, Mattia, Zuza to bring you this course. I developed SiD from 2001 as a means to be more impactful, effective, and collaborative for sustainable development, resulting in the framework it is today. I'll be here to answer some of your in-depth questions. We'll also organize...

  • Hey Matthieu, great to see you here. Looking forward to connect with you through the course. We'll be making additional advanced courses soon as well. If you have direct questions, don't hesitate to ask!