Cristina Lopez

Cristina Lopez

Yoga Instructor. I have completely changed my life in the last few years and I would love to share the benefits I got from Yoga and my recent learnings with people.

Location Rome, Italy


  • This course make me thinking about the fact that we take LIFE for granted.

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    I agree with Mary.

  • Hello my name is Cristina and I am from Italy. My mother got into a coma state 9 days so far. I don't know if and when she will wake up but - if so - I will take care of her. That's why I am attending this course..

  • We can make a big difference to our health through food consumption.

  • Hello everyone!
    This is Cristina - a certified yoga teacher. I'm from Rome and I am very interested in this topic. I hope to learn something new about it.
    Thanks for this course!

  • I used to feel that way.
    Gratitude was something I hadn't enough time to practice.
    And then you realize that it's a matter of choice.
    When you realize its impact, it's up to you to dedicate even a small amount of time and a tiny effort to gratitude.

  • I appreciated all those apps. For sure they will help me build a gratitude routine, just in case I forgot.

  • I am going to try to be grateful every time I will notice myself being negative.
    Every time I will find myself going to complain about something, I will try to take a breath, pause and then I will try to turn that bad thinking into a positive one and look at the very same thing with grateful eyes.

  • RN gratitude for me is an attitude but everything started from a list and even if it wasn't always that pleasant it was a good way to make it a habit and a way of thinking.

  • I am trying to savor every single moment in my day, especially when I am just by myself.

  • I cannot see any sort of contradiction, to be honest.
    Gratitude to me looks like a powerful object we can use to feel better, and better cope with different kinds of stresses and triggers. And by using it we will find our personal way to get the best out of it. What I mean is that regular practice is probably the best way to make it become a habit but you...

  • I like the idea that being more grateful can have a positive impact on my life choices and in my new work life.

  • I imagine myself being more relaxed and smiling.
    I could feel less stiffness in my body and even my relationships could benefit from it. I could enjoy being with people.

  • Hello Elle,

    I remember that are benefits for the receiver as well. Right now I don't remember if these results are from the same study or others. I am sorry about this.

    What if you could be the receiver instead of the giver? How would you feel? I would feel loved and I could feel a great sense of gratitude...

  • Hello Francine,
    How are you today?
    Just to let you know it's possible to reduce the speech speed using the first button on the right down corner of the video but it will probably will too slow (0.5X). Maybe it will be better to watch the video twice ;)
    That's what I did!

    And I really felt your words about a narcissistic spouse. I guess that in that case...

  • My family. The closest people around me.

  • I hope to feel happier and to be nicer.
    Sometimes I see myself as rude and others around me are used to my bad words, behavior and approach.
    What if I can change?

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    I removed a melanoma and I have some hormonal and gut issues, so while I am wearing sunscreens with a 50 SPF I am not that happy to use them, since they contain endocrine disruptors. What is the best thing to do? Still thinking...

  • I thought that the assignment had the big title "Air Pollution" and that we had to compare two countries with different incomes in order to find big differences in their results of having diseases linked to air pollution.
    But when I provided my feedback to another learner's work I doubted about my understanding of the assignment. This learner's assignment...

  • I wasn't completely aware of the link between air pollution and CVDs, but since I have a holistic approach kind of view, it is not so hard to think that air pollution can trigger our body as a whole.

  • I think that the major sources of air pollution here, in Rome (Italy), are traffic-related. That’s why right now (end of summer + COVID kind of lockdown) the Air Quality Index seems to be pretty good (around 20-30). I am surprised by this result, since it seems to be similar to the wonderful place I was living in since last November (Point Lonsdale, 2 hours...

  • BPA in food and beverages accounts for the majority of daily human exposure.
    Recent studies provide a reason for some concern about the potential effects of BPA on the brain, behavior, and prostate gland of fetuses, infants, and children.

  • Reduce your risk of sunburn, that damages DNA, and protect your skin when in open air. Do so by using a combination of shade, clothing and sunscreen. Don't use sunbeds.

  • All the information received until now are very interesting and clear, especially considering that there are a lot of different opinions out there not always supported by scientific and official researches. I found very useful the fact that we have to be aware of foods and the way they change if cooked and their bioavailability.

  • Furthermore, it has been highlighted that adding probiotics could provide a good promising approach in reducing acrylamide in food products. Using specific strains of probiotics especially Lactobacillus, has been newly hypothesized and scarcely explored. The mechanism responsible for this activity is associated with the presence of peptidoglycan components...

  • Acrylamide (AA) is a chemical substance formed when starchy foods are cooked (baked, fried, grilled, toasted and roasted) at temperatures above 120°C. (
    Studies have revealed that acrylamide causes DNA damage, neurotoxicity, genetic toxicity, reproductive toxicity and carcinogenicity....

  • I found it very interesting as well. I knew the importance of the right amount of vitamin D for bone health but not for its anti-cancer properties.

  • We can even compare the Mediterranean diet to a Western diet, characterized by chronic overnutrition and a sedentary lifestyle that evokes a state of chronic metabolic inflammation, termed metaflammation. Metaflammation contributes to the development of many prevalent non-communicable diseases (NCDs), and these lifestyle-associated pathologies represent a...

  • The Mediterranean diet consists of a combination of foods rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients (, such as fruits, vegetables and salad, bread and whole-grain cereals, potatoes, legumes/beans, nuts, and seeds. The common central feature is the usage of olive oil as the main source of fat...

  • Thanks for your report. This is inspiring. It was very clearly expressed and you gave us few figures in a sort of scientific approach.

  • Parents should be educated first

  • There are too many aspects to be evaluated in providing good protein sources. We should plant vegetables and legumes everywhere, but climate change is restricting areas where we can do that. I mean that we need good soil into which growing rich food in order to nourish and heal us.

  • Diet diversification

  • Hello everyone! I am glad this course is starting with those 5 cornerstones instead of talking about macro and micronutrients, as it will probably do next. It's just a different approach that makes this course already interesting.

  • What a great course!
    I don't know where to start, so I will just share my gratitude to all of you, professors, mentors and fellow students.
    And thank you so much for your very last tip @JenOpie:
    "Please note that stocking up on lots of information can only help us to a certain point! Most of the benefits of mindfulness come from our actual practice. So do...

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    sunk cost bias = staying in an unhealthy relationship

  • @TomHalsall That Makes perfect sense! =) Thank you!

  • @PiaNystad Love your profile pic! =)

  • @TomHalsall Tom, thank you so much for your answer. I really didn't know anything about Regression Therapy and I was really curious. And thanks for sharing those books you read about this topic. I've just added them to my books-to-buy-next list =)
    It seems a very hard therapy and if I will need it I will follow your advice to go to a therapist. Luckily...

  • @TomHalsall To me, it looks like you are on the right pathway! You know what you like and what you don't and you are already planning for a future that could make you happier. And we all deserve it, don't we?

  • Gooooooood

  • @BrittaFrickenhelm what a wonderful article! Thanks a lot. I think that it is worth spending 15 minutes on the suggested TED talk found in there.

  • @TomHalsall first time I hear about Regression Therapy. What is that? Any reference to share? Thanks and enjoy your week!

  • @KateD I really felt your words "I need to make time to get out to do what I love". We don't have to forget to love ourselves. Let's keep this in mind! And enjoy your rebirth!

  • @PamelaHanger Thanks! That's really supportive... but I have to recognize and accept that sense of guilt that I am feeling... it is part of this Mindfulness journey, isn't it? ;)

  • In Craig's words: "Attitude makes all the difference"
    Thanks for week 3 and ready for week 4!

  • I would like to suggest here a book that was really inspiring to me and when I read it, one year and a half ago, it was the first time I encountered the concept of Gratitude. I hope you will enjoy it:
    “Resilience Project. Finding happiness through Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness” by Hugh Van Cuylenburg...

  • I need to remind myself of recent studies’ outcomes about Mindfulness efficacy and to repeat some mantras as well.
    I appreciate reading as many comments as I can here and attending the course at the same pace of other fellow learners makes me feel part of a community. I can feel that this is really beneficial, especially now that we are in lockdown and it’s...

  • In this stream of consciousness, I realize that sometimes I am triggered by others’ behavior but that I am acting like them, not being very supportive and just noticing and pointing out their inadequacies (from my point of view, because they are not doing things my way).
    I would like to create a better space for everybody but unfortunately, it is hard to...

  • Then I realize I could act differently and I feel bad... guilty... I am not learning a lot here... I would like to become more friendly, gentler and kinder with my relatives. I know that they love me in any case and so they don't deserve such a bad response from me. But they are not that mindful and I am struggling with their unawareness and negativity. It is...

  • I will express here some free thoughts about this week's experience.
    A lot of ups and downs. Recognizing them. A starting point.
    During my meditation practice, I can really stop ruminations about my past and anxiety about my future. So, even if sometimes it is just for few minutes, I have a sense of relief.
    When I meditate I feel that sense of peace but...

  • What about downloading the audio version on her mobile? So no screen needed... Maybe you already thought about this and it is just a silly suggestion... but I am trying to help! Have a good one!

  • I just would like to highlight one of my take-home messages from Rick Hanson's:
    "We usually overestimate threats, underestimate opportunities, and underestimate resources."
    Thanks for the "See also" materials. Very much appreciated!

  • 3 things I like about myself:
    - I am a living being
    - I am part of a bigger whole
    - I breathe

  • A take-home message from the shared Dr. Kristin Neff video
    (Thanks for sharing it!)

    "Self-esteem is a real problem in relationship dynamics because you are trying to salvage your ego all the time"

  • I feel stuck in my thoughts but when I tell myself that "I'm ok, I'm enough and it's normal to have those feelings", that "I acted with good intentions", that "everything will pass", then I feel better, I get a sense of release.
    So in both cases letting go seems to help, positive thinking seems to heal and good quotes/mantras/reminders seem to release.


  • For this exercise, I was thinking about specific situations that are not representative of an average. Every time there is something different that has to be considered.
    Talking about how I was with someone in my family suffering from some physical pain, I can see myself listening with care (making questions for getting a deeper understanding), being open...

  • You know what? In the end, it's like everyone is going to perceive everything. So if you are giving a suggestion this could be read as a critique even if you were just trying to help. It could happen the same with yourself: someone is giving you a feedback, a different point of view, a fixing solution and you can take it as a critique, someone else's opinion...

  • @ChristinePun Why cannot we shift from "I should" to "What if?"?

  • @judithNewman As a "doer", I am thinking about your words and the fact that I usually try to fix issues, as soon as I can - no distinction between others and myself. With time, I have learned not to fix someone's issue, but with myself, only now, I am realizing that it is so much better being instead of doing. When I pause and reflect and really pay attention...

  • @rebekahc I cannot feel myself as well. Don't know why and trying to figure it out. Thanks for your sharing.

  • I give you a hug! =)

  • @PhilMoore Thanks for these links! Don't shoot the second arrow =)

  • Smile... Today I was just thinking about that. And I thought that maybe I could try to smile a little bit more. I was feeling a little weird doing it but it seemed I was immediately feeling better.

  • @BuffyWheatley Your words about managing your issues by yourself really resonate with me. But when I found myself being more communicative I can tell that I felt better. When you open up yourself sometimes others are acting the same way, like a mirror, and so we can discover that we are all passing through the same sufferings. Sometimes I had even released my...

  • Thank you! Maybe it will be the next course to attend =)

  • I have the feeling that this is the perfect time for me for having this course.
    It is such a hard time!

    This is making me work on being more assertive and not feeling guilty about what I need and feel. I have always felt a sense of scariness about saying what I would and freely express my opinion. So I usually switched from being mute to express myself in...

  • Thanks a lot for your words. I deeply felt them.