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Gladiola Garin

Home based ESL Teacher at 51talk
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  • I'm Glad, an ESL teacher for 51talk China and Sankei Japan.

  • Gladiola Garin made a comment

    What benefits do you think come with artificial intelligence?

    As a teacher having an Airclass with Max as our artificial intelligence, it makes the lesson flow easier.

  • In my class, we are using facial recognition upon entering the classroom.

  • Hi everyone! I'm from Philippines. Online ESL teacher of 51talk.
    I need this course to enhance my career skills.

  • Am so excited. I need this for my job. Thank you so much Accenture for this offer.

  • Our life before covid is fun and enjoyable, sometimes you can go outside to play with your friends and cousins, you are free to go anywhere without wearing some facemask because that time there is no covid, I didn't expect that this virus will spread around the world, because of covid, no more playing outside and go anywhere because you need to wear some mask...

  • My name is Gladiola and an online ESL teacher and learning support teacher for SEN.
    What are your experiences of writing in English so far?
    I write journals and any topic will do.
    What do you think academic writing is?
    As an ESL teacher, I feel like I still have lot of things to learn in English...

  • Can you get me a coffee? A1
    2. It can’t get any worse. C2
    3. Get a move on! We’re going to be late. B2
    4. She told a joke in the lecture but I just didn’t get it. B1

  • Would you consider the following phrase ‘correct’ or ‘acceptable’ English? ‘That your new car, is it?’
    ✅ I will tolerate it but for me, that's an unacceptable. If I could find the right time, then I will help the person to correct it with the premise, " let's both learn together!". Trust is the key.

    Do you say ‘often’ with or without pronouncing the ‘t’?...

  • Do you agree that native speakers of English can have an advantage in business situations where English is used as a lingua franca? If so, what remedies or solutions would you suggest?
    ✅ Native speakers have lots of advantages. They will just dial down to accommodate their listeners. I cannot suggest a remedy or solution because I love being with native...

  • Do you agree with Dr Tsedal Neeley about the role of English in global business? Are there any negative implications of adopting English as a company lingua franca?
    ✅ Yes I agree with Dr Tsedal Medley about the role of English in global business.
    There are no negative implications of adopting English as a company Lingua Franca.
    In school, teachers use CLIL...

  • Of course, I agree based on myths.

  • Do you think men and women use language differently?
    ✅ Yes, women are sexier in their speech act and quality of voice.

    If so, do you think the difference is ‘hard-wired’ (innate) or learned?
    ✅ It's hard-wired.

    Is it the same in English as in other languages?
    ✅ Yes, women sound sexy in whatever languages she would speak. Having a sexy voice is the...

  • Do you think they are ungrammatical’ and if so, why?
    ✅Yes, because of can't and no. It should be: I can't get satisfaction or I can get no satisfaction.
    Just for the sake of music it is acceptable.

  • This is Gladiola Garin and as an English language teacher, I would like to relearn Linguistics and to have certificates and knowledge in TESOL.

  • Why is it important to find out the expectations of learners and their parents?
    It's very necessary to let my students/ young learners and their parents involved especially in an online class. Parents help me with doing the Premack principle. So the young kids will follow my prompt. And I could easily get their attention using rewards and...

  • Hi! This is Gladiola from Philippines.

  • I'm not threatened. I do appreciate it instead.

  • I agree with Francis Marcial. But I go with collocations. I used high frequency words in the classroom and even in my online class. So basically, I'm teaching my students lots of phrasal verbs.

  • I neither agree nor disagree.
    For some reasons, there are many native speakers like American, British, Australian, New Zealand (Kiwi), and South African yet they speak differently.
    I like my English, easy to understand and easy to follow. I don't even encourage to write and speak the Filipino English, yes most filipino used low frequency words.
    I like...

  • Do you think that English as a lingua franca research has ‘very important implications’ for EMI? If so, what implications do you think it might have?
    ✓Nowadays, the people all over the world are talking in English. Simply because EMI in an online transaction or communication. The world is getting smaller because everyone speaks English.

    Do you agree that...

  • Without much ado, I'll say I agree with the sceptic.

  • My priority is to teach English language. And teaching English means I have to carry out the speaking skill into practice.
    To have strong communication skills I applied the 4Cs of truth in communication.
    1) Credibility, students must believe who is the teacher. The teacher is knowledgeable in English through verbal or written.
    2) Comprehension, ability to...

  • Approach, Principles, Method & Technique
    Submitted by Naseer, Afghanistan

    What is the differences between approach, principles, method and technique?

    Dr. Richards responds:
    Approach: the theoretical framework that supports an instructional design
    Principles: Guiding statements and beliefs based on the approach
    Method: a teaching design...

  • Yes, everything is true. The benefit of teaching English is I can shape myself well in my career and the fact that I am using English to earn a living makes sense at all.

  • Gladiola Garin made a comment

    My experience with teaching English was speaking English the whole time in class. I had taught at various international schools in UAE. With emphasis on the word international means, we don't speak any languages, only English as the medium of instruction and also it's our means of communication.
    And now I am teaching online ESL, and I used English to teach...

  • Gladiola Garin made a comment

    I am an ESL teacher, so I only used English as the medium of instruction.

  • To learn English language from the expert and to get educated from a world class university.

  • Yes I do have for public viewing like my LinkedIn.
    And for my personal one, I have facebook just for friends and family.

  • LinkedIn and teacheron. Minimal presentation.

  • My name is Gladiola Garin. I'm here because I like the idea of learning this coursework and put it into styles and actions.

  • Fluency -2 ⭐⭐
    Coherence - 3 ⭐⭐⭐
    Grammatical range - 1 ⭐
    Accuracy - 2 ⭐⭐

  • There are lots of factors why it's hard to speak for 2 minutes. Only the storytellers, presenters, teachers, judges, educators, public speakers, media could have more than two minutes talk because that was being done with constant practice.
    Even the elevator pitch is also a spiel. For mastery, it requires exercise and effect.
    So, I myself when I started...

  • The two of the improved attempt has a better flow.

  • Hi everyone!
    This is Gladiola Garin and I am from Philippines.

  • Please fill in the attached form with your bank details. You will need to include your bank account number, sort code, IBAN and the address of your bank.

    That's Ms. Joan needs for Ahmed.

  • Ahmed didn't put a tick on the check my bank account. So it's false.

  • False

  • I will end by saying goodbye and thank you.

  • Garin
    Capital G small a-r-i-n

  • I was born in Dagupan City. But I live in Santa Barbara.
    My friends are living in the opposite town.

  • Ahmed was born in Syria.

  • To whom it may concern,

    I'm Gladiola Garin, I bought two socks of cat food but it was already expired.
    I would like you to pick it up and change it to a new one..
    I'll be waiting for you then. Just knock at the door three times.
    Thank you.


  • Heba lives in South Beirut.

  • It happens all the time when the items are bought in an online store.
    The reality is what you see in the picture is different from the actual.

  • The problem is the phone speaker.

  • I have three phones, Nokia C3, Samsung S7 edge and Oppo F7.
    They're big and small. Looks new though it's very old already.

  • Heba paid by card.

  • I'm from Philippines, I live in Santa Barbara and if you check the map. My house is near gasoline station crossing. Straight ahead is going to Urdaneta. As you turn left, you'll see the crossing road, and along the road is a store and at the back of the store is my house.

  • I hear preposition of places.

  • 1. To
    2. On
    3. Opposite
    4. Next to
    5. In
    6. Near
    7. To
    8. Between
    9. At
    10. Opposite
    11. Opposite
    12. Near
    13. in
    14. Next to

  • Yes..

  • 1) round
    2) from
    3) through
    4) past
    5) through
    6) between

  • 1) left
    2) across
    3) sports
    4) right
    5) road
    6) straight
    7) pond
    8) straight

  • In my opinion, villages are in the City proper. That's why villagers are people living in the City.

  • 1) right
    2) along
    3) past
    4)turn left
    5) opposite

  • Gladiola Garin made a comment

    •The mosque is next to school.
    •The shop that is between the pharmacy and the bank is the bookshop.
    •The shop that is located at the left of the train station is the post office.

  • At 20 after 8, last night I attended the webinar meeting with Coach Arfeen Khan.
    I listened to his presentation and I was really amazed and said to myself, I would like to say my piece over Ted Talk. I wanted to be a coach someday.
    At 10 o'clock, the webinar was finished.
    And I ate my dinner and after that I continued studying my week one here.
    And now I...

  • It's twenty to one o'clock.

  • Gladiola Garin made a comment


  • Mo was unwell last week.

  • 1)Did you go to the doctor?
    Yes, I did.
    2)Did she write the book?
    No, she didn't write the book.

  • I did not teach today.
    She did not feed the dogs.
    You did not wash the dishes this afternoon.

  • Every weekend, I do yoga. Taking my cats and dogs to the vet. Washing clothes and cleaning the house.

  • Tonight I have just attended the webinar by Coach Arfeen Khan

  • Hi!
    I'm Gladiola Garin from Philippines. Welcome classmates to this next Basic English 2.

  • Hi Mo!
    Good that you're feeling well right now.
    So how's your presentation? Hope you aced it!
    Me, am preparing my lessons and also I tweeted my friends and share my certificate in LinkedIn. I'm proud to have this short course and looking forward to my next in line course.
    Above all, the knowledge that is being imparted to us is so fulfilling.
    Thank you...

  • This is a public market. People are buying fruits.

  • I'm reading a teacher's guide for my lesson later after finishing the course.

  • Issam wrote a note to Mrs. George stating that they we're closed when he visited the hotel to report about his sick brother.

  • Heading to the hotel..

  • Mo wrote to Nadia about his being unwell. Yet, he assured Nadia that his sickness is not worrisome. And he'll get by once his sickness subsides.

  • He is unwell. He is sick but just minor and not needing to be hospitalized and confined.
    He will get back to class by next week and do the presentation with Nadia and Mariam.

  • I'm teaching and studying. I used apps in engaging with my lessons. In my work, the company has a platform.

  • I used social media messages in making updates to my friends and family.

  • Hello?
    Hello Mo, it’s Mariam. How are you?
    Oh, hi Mariam. I’m okay. Well, no, I’m not okay. I’m quite sick.
    Yes, I know. Sara told me. She saw you in the library this morning.
    Yes, I went to the library. But, I was sneezing and coughing. I felt really sick. Now I’m at home.
    OK. That’s good. You should sleep. Do you need to see a doctor?
    No, I don’t think...

  • She's talking to Mo over the phone.

  • I love English.

  • They're inside University campus and they're both planning to go to library in separate ways.

  • I'm so happy and excited to finish this course and I'll apply it in day to day works.

  • Dear Jane,
    Hi! I'm pleased to meet you...
    I like your simple life. We have the same hobbies like cooking, doing exercises such as swimming and running. I hate sports too, I found it difficult as well. Drinking tea is one of the things I love to do. We are both teachers but mine is online teaching. So I don't need to go out then.
    I am studying too and my...

  • Jane is studying French among the list of things she's currently doing.

  • I like comedy, action and romance.
    I don't like horror films.

  • Same:
    •Susanna likes drinking coffee.
    •Suzette likes dogs and cats.
    •Anette likes cooking.

    •Caitlin doesn't like drinking coffee and I like drinking coffee.
    •Caitlin likes baking but I don't like baking.
    •Caitlin doesn't like dogs and cats, she likes birds but I don't like birds.

  • Do you like climbing mountains?
    What do you like doing in the school?
    Do you like painting?

  • I love studying because it makes my brain grooves.
    I hate strolling around the town, it makes me sick.

  • 1) I like folk dancing.
    But I don't like modern dancing.

    2) I like cooking but I don't like baking.

    3) I like running but I don't like jumping.

  • Pop, rock, jazz and classic.
    Bruno Mars is one of my favorite singers.

  • I am from Philippines, I love marathon.

  • Studying

  • What's she like?
    Susanna is easy going and fun to be with. She's clever in Maths and ICT.
    And she loves cats and dogs like the way I do.

  • I'm empathetic.
    She's pretty.
    He's smart.
    They're considerate.
    You're results-oriented.
    It's terrific!
    We're amazing students.

  • Personality of People

  • I am compassionate, polite, kind-hearted, proactive, resilient, self-motivated.
    My brother is adaptable, smart, considerate, and aware.
    My sister is funny, outstanding, positive outlook, splendid and extraordinary.

  • Sara is a loner type person.

  • I am Glad with extraordinary affirmations in life.

  • My name is Gladiola Garin from Philippines.
    I live in Northern part of Luzon. I have completed a Bachelor's degree in Education Major in English at the University of Luzon Dagupan City Philippines.
    I am a tutor at Course Hero, teaching English literature. I am also teaching English online for ESL kids in China.
    My hobbies are cooking, studying and learning....

  • I have a friend who is a transcriptionist. She is always transcribing words.

  • He is a mechanic.

  • Group study will benefit everyone. Sharing ideas could give us information we have missed.
    Studying alone can help us do the repetitions or revisions as much as we want.