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Marco Bertolini

Marco Bertolini

Hi, I'm Marco ! I've been a trainer since 1989. Now, I am a Digital Learning Consultant and Course Designer. I propose on site and online courses to businesses, public and academic institutions.

Location Belgium



  • No I never had the opportunity to visit a country house. I wish I could visit at least one of the houses on your list. I took this course because I'm a lover of English literature and I read about the country houses in Evelyn Waugh's famous novel Brideshead revisited

  • It's the first time I get clear information about the nature of personal data and the roles of the various actors in these processes. Thanks a lot for that.

  • It depends on your definition of intelligence. In humans, feelings and sensation concur to our understanding of the surrounding world. We are also dependent on our social, cultural, natural environment. I don't think any machine will combine all these elements in the future. Human intelligence is also driven by conscience. Will machine ever be driven by a...

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    I try to expand my scope in Microsoft products since a lot of my customers use them.

  • Hi, I'm Marco, I'm a training consultant and a course designer. The VLE I use for my online courses has been developed by the University of Indiana and includes some AI features like suggestions of communities for learners, the automated tagging and answering to students posts, etc. I participated in a Future Learn course about AI by Accenture. But, I'm...

  • I think I have a clearer and more complete view on what AI is and is not. About its potential to help humans to be more accurate and more productive. I am longing to see how I could work better with AI and I'm looking forward to learning more on week 3.

  • My role, as online course designer, would be to ask AI to accomplish some tasks related to administration, technical issues, documents search and delivery, while I could focus on structuring the course, monitoring the content creation, etc. I could also spend more time tutoring the students around more "human" issues like self-limiting beliefs, psychological...

  • I don't know if I am going to play a new role in this adventure of AI assisted education since, I'm already 63 and I can retire in three years. But, I'd like to inform people about AI and give them a real insight on what AI is and is not.

  • As a trainer consultant and course designer, I recognise myself in group 1, empathy and in group 5 - subject matters. We lead people to learn new notions and practice new skills. All this can be done only through empathy and personal relationships. But AI can help by dealing with more technical issues and leaving the more psychological or social problems to...

  • i think all these new jobs are fascinating. I'm really interested at the ethical aspects of AI. How to make sure you avoided biases or mistakes? How to ensure AI never harms human beings? Like the laws of robotics in Asimov's novel, AI should be submitted to some ethical rules. I read that China already has a set of rules, but that American CEOs of companies...

  • AI assists human beings in tasks such as manipulating heavy objects or assessing the quality of the production. I think, one of the directions of training in a near future will be to teach how to work with intelligent machines and devices. And how to exploit the best part of human sensibility and artificial intelligence.

  • I see the advantages of these system in prevention, automating of processes, in data analysis. But let's not forget that healthcare and medicine are not about technologies but about patient care. And that patients need to be listen too, reassured, explained what's going on and what they should expect in their future regarding their wellbeing.

  • I have used Google forms and WP forms for my website. Microsoft Forms seems to be a simple tool to create forms and distribute them. The fact that you can export your data to Excel certainly facilitates the exploitation of the data.

  • I think about all industries might be impacted by AI. Everywhere, efficiency and accuracy is needed. In my sector - training and education, AI can be used to help search for documents, to answer basic students questions (how do I connect to the VLE?) ; to tag posts automatically; to translate some content from one language to another; to suggest open...

  • I learned a lot of things, indeed. I think I have a better understanding of what AI is and is not. I see better how I could use it in my own business. Our association provides Open Educational Resources (OER) and Nantes University in France proposed to collaborate on a OER directory which search engine is assisted by AI. I see that we could also use devices...

  • AI will change the ways we learn, we work, we interact with each other. It's true that fears are triggered by misconceptions, but even for those who accept and embrace AI, there will be need to change their work habits, to adapt to new modes of doing things, to new collaboration with smart beings that are not human. This is truly disruptive.

  • Most people hate changes in their jobs because it compels them to adapt to the new situation, to unlearn their old practice and learn new ones It makes them insecure about themselves and their ability to cope with these new demands.

  • AI can help us doing things faster and more accurately. It can help a search engine to better understand the request and propose more relevant answers. In the case of facial recognition, it can help us identify someone but also to monitor a population, putting liberties in jeopardy. Some biases, like the recognition of a white human being but not a black child...

  • Hi, I'm Marco, I'm a training consultant and a course designer. I use Excel for accounting and management. But I feel I could do better with more accuracy and less effort if applying more advanced features.

  • Hi, I'm Marco. I'm a training consultant and a course designer. I use Excel for my accounting tasks but I use only the basics and I feel I could save time and effort by knowing some more advanced functionalities.

  • Yes, Replika creates virtual friends whom you can talk with about any topic. There are also mentors, coaches, etc. that can help you in your daily life.

  • I design my online courses on CourseNetworking, a Virtual Learning Environment developd by the University of Indiana. This VLE integrates some AI features. For instance, if you complete your profile with all your professional skills, Rumi, the virtual assistant, can propose job ads through Indeed. He can suggest some free educational resources from the Merlot...

  • Yes, I use a virtual learning environment with some generative AI. It is able to suggest interesting communities for you, some open educational resources, etc. I'd like to understand better AI to integrate it in my courses to automate some answer to frequent questions (how do I connect to the VLE, for instance) or to help with search, etc.

  • I'd like to know more about AI, the different types of AI and what they are capable of; how to use it in my professional activity to improve some learning experiences; and, to be able to choose more advanced courses in a near future to use AI and integrate some of its aspects in my courses.

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    I'm surprised about the number of people who feel very confident or somewhat confident. I am curious to know the average age of participants in this course. What I hear in companies and in exchanges about AI isn't generally so optimistic. I rather hear the expression of fear about job destruction or worse.

  • Hello, my name is Marco Bertolini. I am Italian but currently living and working in the Brussels area, in Belgium. I am a training consultant and a course designer. I create online courses and microlearning courses for smartphones. I am aware that AI is a game changer, and I am willing to stay updated in this field to offer the best learning experience to my...

  • Very interesting references, thank you so much for sharing ;)

  • It helps me to have a nuance maps of all the actors on the territory, but also outside Ukraine, who have an influence on the country's destiny. I found out that some nationalist militias are linked to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church that separated from Moskow's church, for instance. And, I still have to research, I'm not done yet. Thank you, once again, for...

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    I'm interested in the Ukrainian conflict for several reasons, both personal and professional. I find the conflict tracker particularly useful to retrace the history between Ukraine and Russia. And also, to distinguish the diverse strengths on the ground. There is the Ukrainian government and the Russian forces, but also, politically opposed groups, separatist...

  • I like the fact that the tracker not only maps the present, but also display some information about the past. It gives some historical depth to the frame and allow a better understanding on how we got to the current situation. It is often important to understand the motivations and beliefs of conflicting groups.

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    I have been working with a humanitarian association for a while and I might be sent to a conflict zone in Ukraine. I'd like to be equipped with new tools to better analyse the environment and the diverse actors in the field.

  • Yes, I totally agree with you. When we turn our hobby into a business, we tend to focus on our passion, exclusively on the positive side of things, on our strengths, basically. But, the SWOT analysis also compels us to consider our weaknesses and the impact of the environment. I had some hard times - and I'm not done yet - doing this analysis.

  • @FerdinandoCarrozzaSchettino The Papal power has been more a factor of division in Italy than unity. The fact that spiritual power was associated with political power was one of the reasons. Moreover, the Papacy always played an actor against another: the French against the Spanish; the Habsburg Emperors again the French, etc.

  • Hi @BrettCoulstock: thanks for your feedback, and for your suggestions of exercise, very kind of you ;)

  • Yesterday, I saw a French film I've seen several months ago, but this time, I put the audio-description on. It's a very interesting experience. I would like to do it again with a film I never saw before, closing my eyes or hiding the picture. And then, watch it again with the pictures and compare with the audio-description. What do you think of this...

  • I'm a white cis man in my early sixties, with grey hair and black and white framed glasses. I'm wearing a cashmere patterned short-sleeves shirt.