Maureen Bisanti

Maureen  Bisanti

I am a retired wedding photographer. Where I live, there are so many people with irritable bowel syndrome and Crohns and Colitis and I thought this course could help me learn why.

Location Alberta, Canada


  • The air quality where I live is good, so I am lucky.

  • A lot of products, even those from China now say BPA free, so that is encouraging.

  • I think she is brilliant but I had a hard time understanding her. I didn’t know that some countries have naturally occurring arsenic in their water supplies and it gets into the crops and causes cancer and other diseases. I don’t know the solution to that problem, other than everyone moving away.

  • I think human activity contaminates the water more than nature does, and how could aluminum sulphate be accidentally added to drinking water? I want to know more about this so I will Google it.

  • Round Up week killer is carcinogenic. I think Hormone Replacement Therapy for menopausal women might cause cancer. New carpets give off gases for the first week or so.

  • I am lucky that there is not a lot of air pollution where I live and no wood fires in backyards.

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    Thank you for the glossary.

  • I won’t keep my potatoes in the fridge anymore, but I will still eat french fries. In moderation. Bbq is not healthy because of the high heat. Dark toast should be avoided.

  • Can anyone tell me how acrylamides get into canned black olives and prune juice?

  • The Mediterranean diet is clean eating. No processed foods, no additives. The emphasis is on olive oil, salmon, fruits, nuts, vegetables and whole grains. These foods lower LDL, the bad cholesterol and help to prevent cancer. Actually I am not sure if they prevent cancer or if processed foods cause cancer.

  • I don’t know which one is the biggest threat. I have been leery of eating farmed fish, especially Basa because I read that there are a lot of toxins in these fish farms. I had food poisoning once, Campylobacter, possibly from chicken wings in a restaurant, but my friends had them too, and I was the only one who got sick.

  • Just eating less fat won’t help a person lose weight. There has to be a balanced diet and not too many calories.

  • Too bad all the most delicious foods are bad for us. I love burgers and fries, donuts, cake and pie, hot dogs, anything salty. Of course I don’t eat them very often but I would love to.

  • When people from North Korea manage to escape to South Korea, it is very evident that they suffer from malnutrition. They are shorter than average in height and very thin. In the States a lot of poor people are overweight because they eat inexpensive but highly fattening fast food.

  • I wouldn’t cook the eggs in oil. I would poach them in water.

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    It sounds healthy to me.

  • Hi - I am a retired photographer in Canada and I am interested in nutrition and health. One of my friends was recently operated on for colon cancer and she had a healthy diet, so I am interested in this topic.

  • Sunk cost bias - reminds me of The Gambler song. You’ve got to know when to hold them, know when to fold them. Unfortunately there have been too many times in my life when I didn’t know that. I also have a hard time in predicting my husband’s reactions to things that I say. If I tell him that he left every cupboard door and drawer open in the kitchen, I expect...

  • No matter what I say, the mentor never comments.

  • I don’t understand why people kill in the name of religion. 9/11 is an example. What kind of brainwashing did those people go through to make them think they were doing the right thing. Were they mindful, but in a bad way?

  • What is the STOP acronym?

  • I just couldn’t get into this long meditation. I even fast forwarded parts of it. It was like I had twelve puppies all out of control. Will have to try again later.

  • Some deaths are easier to accept than others. My nephew died suddenly of a heart attack when he was only 34. He was a brilliant guy with a great sense of humour. He was an aerospace engineer for NASA in California, working on projects for the International Space Station. He had so much more to offer. That was in 2017 and I still cry about it.

  • I really liked Craig’s talk about Covid. A pep talk that we all need. I also think I have figured out something. Sympathy is feeling sorry for someone for their misfortune. Empathy is feeling sorry but also feeling their pain. If we feel too much pain for them, it has a negative affect on the amygdala part of our brain. Compassion is when we feel sorry for a...

  • I have always been a mindful eater because I am worried about gaining weight so I try not to overeat and I savour every bite.

  • I didn’t really get the point of this one but I did hear a train whistle in the distance, and cars driving past, and I thought about my son and I thought about how much time I spend on social media, and wondered what I would make for supper tomorrow night.

  • This has been a confusing few days for me. A friend who didn’t want to get the Covid vaccine, gave in and got it, but it is a secret. Another friend told me today that she has been sick in bed with Covid for ten days but it is a secret. What’s with all the secrets? I got my husband to listen to the ten minute pain meditation today and he found it very relaxing.

  • I agree.

  • F a i l - just means first attempt in learning.

  • I think we need to love ourselves and to tell ourselves that we deserve to be happy! I wish that I had a mentor growing up, but I never did. On a positive note I was never bullied or picked on in school and don’t remember being criticized much in my life.

  • When my husband and I downsized from a house to a condo, we had to do the big purge. That is when we found out our kids had no interest in our good crystal, china or silver. I kept it and gave away the everyday stuff. My sister in law helped me purge and part with stuff that I didn’t really need.

  • I don’t know what to say. I feel compassion for other people but also for myself. I once dreamt that the Queen curtsied to me, and because she had never done it before, she fell down. That must mean I have a big ego, but I don’t really because I know most people are way smarter than me. I try to show compassion by giving money, maybe not always the right...

  • It was interesting to hear that difficult people are usually unhappy people. That explains a lot. Some of my neighbours are cranky but they are widows and probably unhappy. I will send good wishes their way instead of grumbling about them.

  • Yes I do but I don’t wear the watch at night.

  • Someone close to me holds grudges, and I wish I could change that person. But how can I persuade a grudgeholder to stop?

  • If you put the oxygen on your kid first, you might lose the strength to look after yourself afterwards. Then your kid would have oxygen but no mom.

  • I like keeping track of my steps. I like to set a goal and try to achieve it.

  • My kids are grown up but I was not very good at letting go, cutting the apron strings. We always ate at the supper table as a family and I never got angry when they spilled their glass of milk, a regular occurrence. Time goes by so fast. If you have little kids, enjoy every single moment!

  • I like that about not donating articles we would not give to a friend. It makes sense.

  • I agree with Craig about having a house that is not cluttered but for some reason if someone is in the house with me, I can’t have silence. I have to have the tv or radio on for background music. I get agitated if there is no background noise. I definitely want to be a better listener, and to be more accepting of people who have different opinions from me, but...

  • Is it okay to just banter with your friends? Does everything we say have to be profound? Can we just chit chat about the weather sometimes?

  • Here in Canada the pandemic is not yet under control. Our restaurants and gyms are closed, the high schools have closed and we have not been allowed to have visitors in our homes for over a year, not even family. We are stressed and I am enjoying the mindfulness course. I want to be a better listener.

  • It is okay to watch the train go by, but don’t get on it!

  • I enjoyed the course. It has helped me to keep my mind from racing and to focus on whatever I am doing.

  • I don’t know, is it just me or are there erotic overtones to this Tim Tam munching? They seem to be having fun. I want a Tim Tam but I am in Canada, they don’t sell them here.

  • Hello? No comments about amusing video?

  • I found this video to be like a flirtation, with undertones of, well I better stop here. Is she his wife maybe?

  • Not bragging, but I have been mindful my whole life of everything I eat. But that brings on guilt when I am eating something delicious like a burger and fries, because I know it is not a healthy choice.

  • I find it very difficult to focus. My mind wanders way too much, but I am trying.

  • I didn’t know there was such a thing, but I have FAD. Facebook Addiction Disorder.

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    If someone does us wrong or lies to us, do we have to accept it? Is it wrong to be confrontational?

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    Every time I go to a restaurant with my son in law, he finds fault with the food. I should not take it personally but I do find it upsetting. I actually
    find it embarrassing but I should just be mindful of my own meal and try to avoid going out to eat with him. It is his problem.

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    I worry about my grown up kids but not about myself. I had cancer and was never worried during surgery, chemo or radiation. I survived and I am fine. But if my husband leaves a cupboard door or drawer open in the kitchen, I freak out. He says he is absent minded and I should just shut them myself. Maybe he needs to learn mindfulness.

  • I like to notice things and take photos of them from different angles. I get very stressed when I am a passenger in a car, no matter who is driving. I definitely catastrophize. I might have to concentrate on my breathing instead of being a nervous wreck.

  • I think I am not mindful most of the time. Even when watching tv, my mind wanders. I am always distracted by worrying about things or thinking of things I want to do later. I must learn to train my mind like that puppy.

  • Wow! So according to these two professors, mindfulness is a cure all. It can help slow the aging process, improve our immune system, reduce anxiety, cure depression, improve memory, make us want to exercise, quit smoking, eat properly, and so much more!

  • I did the five minute meditation and just kept thinking that it is late at night and I haven’t had two fruit and three vegetables today. I think I only had one fruit and two vegetables. Should I go eat some strawberries. So I failed miserably at being mindful.

  • I feel like they are talking gibberish, that this is a course about nothing. Am I missing something?

  • I disagreed when they say that we can’t really multitask, we just think we do. Well years ago, when my kids were small, I think I could talk on the land line phone on the kitchen wall, while stirring a cake batter, and keeping my eyes on my toddler.

  • I don’t really want to keep a record.

  • I read the list of terms used. I catastrophize, and I also go into default mode.

  • Well I looked at the list of terms and I am definitely guilty of catastrophising and my mind goes into default mode sometimes.

  • I found the comma technique very relaxing.

  • Je suis canadienne et mon marie est aussi Canadien. Me belle soeur est italienne.

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    Bonjour. Je m’appelle Maureen et je suis Canadienne.

  • Allons y!

  • I never knew that a typical Western diet, high in processed foods, too much sugar, fat and salt, could cause mental disorders such as depression and anxiety, but the Smiles experiment proved that a nutritious diet like the modified Mediterranean diet, can improve a person’s mood and make them happier. If the gut is happy, the brain responds in a positive way.

  • I have to stop buying foods with empty calories like Pringles, but I really like salty snacks. I need to plan my meals in advance, which shouldn’t be a problem because I am retired, no work required. I gave up my morning glass of orange juice because my doctor said it has too much sugar. I drink lots of spring water but not from thin plastic bottles because...

  • I was wasting too much fresh produce so now my husband and I get three meals a week delivered to our condo. The company delivers the food and the recipes. We dice and chop everything they give us. Nothing wasted. Sometimes a salad is included. The other nights we heat up frozen meals. I have ordered one of those new Instapots, so when that arrives I will try...

  • Sometimes it helps to do something that is incompatible with what you want to do. So if you have the urge to go shopping, start baking bread. It takes a lot of time and you can’t go out for awhile.

  • Pardon my ignorance but are you one of the teachers in this course? I am asking this of Joan Rittberg.

  • I was diagnosed with breast cancer eight years ago. I had surgery, chemo and radiation. I was very sick after my first chemo because I lost all my white blood cells and was hospitalized and put in isolation. All my friends and my family admired my positive attitude through it all. I had one acquaintance that I would speak to on the phone. She had survived...

  • I am in the ready stage. Nothing can be as hard as giving up smoking, which I did over ten years ago. I loved smoking. But now I need to eat healthier, so I am ready to eat more fruits and vegetables and less red meat.

  • I really want to try and eat more fruit. When I think about it, most days I only eat one fruit a day. I find bananas too sweet but will try to eat maybe half of one. I will buy frozen blueberries and put them in my plain yogurt. I will start eating grapes too, and oranges and apples. I will write myself a note and put it on the fridge.

  • Food is quite expensive in Canada. Our growing season is quite short so most produce has to be imported. I can afford to buy whatever groceries I want but sometimes just run out of ideas of what to make. I have good intentions of making home made soups and stews but end up eating a frozen dinner. Poor planning on my part. Lately my husband and I have been...

  • I like to take a boiled egg, add some turmeric and chopped celery and olives, mix it with a bit of mayonnaise and put it on a piece of toast. Yummy! Also for breakfast I like toast with peanut butter and sliced tomato, with salt and pepper. When I am in Arizona I eat lots of grapefruits and oranges because they grow on trees in the neighborhood and are...

  • I am grossed out by the thought of eating kangaroo meat. I didn’t even know that people ate kangaroo meat. I like the modified med diet but I am surprised that eggs are right at the top. I eat one a day, but I never eat butter because my whole life, I have never liked it. I am Canadian and some people here eat deer meat and elk and moose, so that might gross...

  • That seems a bit strange.