Jimmy Forster

Jimmy Forster

Jimmy is a highly motivated professional with excess of 30 years’ experience in the manufacturing sector, who has a passion for improving processes and procedures, as well as himself and his team.

Location North East England


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    Yes, I have been in business for a few years now and it has raised some questions how I can improve my business. I said in the SWOT analysis section marketing is a weakness of mine and some of the feedback has confirmed that I could be much better.

  • Lean 6 Services - Offering consultancy and training using Lean methodologies as a base. These methods have been around for many many years and we have been using them in our daily lives for years also. My technique is to keep it simple and transfer what we know in our daily routine into our work day.

  • My vision is to offer my services to (commercially) improve business processes through employee engagement and management support and (individually) assist people to have the skills too 1. get back into work or 2. Be part of the continuous personal development to further their career.

  • Agreed, I am trying to embrace competition through collaboration and create a network of assistance. I have my strengths but I am fortunate to use other consultants to assist me with topics where I am not an expert. They will then (hopefully) return the favour.

  • For me a business improvement consultant SWOT is quite simple:
    Strengths - Experience and service offered, price (very little overheads)
    Weakness - Marketing strategy / technical (Creating on line resources)
    Opportunities - Networking, business need due to current crisis
    Threats - Competition / Online learning vs Face to face / Technology

  • Yes I believe my business will help people in the way they think not only in a work environment but in their personal lives also.

  • This is one of the reasons why I changed my career path, which is to help others through my experiences. Those could include un-employed, or those who are currently employed and want to progress in their career or simply to improve their business processes to allow staff to work smarter not harder.

  • 85.60 - Education / Other inc consultancy

  • Education is my sector and most recently due to current situation, online learning is even more popular and in demand.

  • My business is in an already busy market sector, (Consultancy) however, the positives I bring is that I have lived and breathed the topics I discuss, therefore can utilise knowledge and experience, however, that DOES NOT mean I know everything, another positive is the realisation that we are always learning, innovation can be small, and we learn from those...

  • In the early 1900's Henry Ford was party to creating one of the first automated production lines. He was also known for saying, 'You can have your car in any color you wish, as long as it is black'. This resulted in motor car production being less expensive and making cars available to the masses.

  • What a great way of thinking about the purpose of your business.
    Make a ding in the world means to me, that I want to make an impact on peoples lives. The subject I deliver can improve people's work life as well as using the same techniques at home therefore improving a small aspect og the home lives too. I like to listen to the learners response during and...