Tuhina ranjan

Tuhina ranjan

Location India


  • thanks buddy

  • my first stop motion animation.


  • Lion king is a very good example

  • all the 12 principle are very very important to get that realistic feel to the action, emotion and drama.

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    never thought that large scale animation is so difficult in the sense of pre production. Indeed a lot of hard work and yes cant forget to say amazing power of visualization! loving it

  • little difficult to say, but it can be yes and a no, will really depend on the kind of project you are doing.

  • stop motion animation

  • the moment i read the line "think of an example" instantly my braind said it "Tom & Jerry" show. i still cant stop smiling...

  • this is not the kind of animation style that i like, it doesn't even take me to a creative high, for me watching this short picture became more like a task than anything else..

    yes, when we talk about the "Sound" of the animation, it is done very well, it keeps your attention on the animation and i think i will put it this way:- "sound is the movie and the...

  • its unsaid that one needs to be creative but its indeed a lot of hard work and patience..

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  • Animation to me is making an imagination come to life in form of moving art and giving you a kick of emotional high!