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  • Hi, I'm from India and I am here to learn how to make cv and cover letter. I want to do a teaching job, but my cv is not getting selected anywhere. How this course will help me.

  • Excited!

  • I am from India and I live in Europe. I want to become a Teacher. Because of my English and don't have IB experience,I didn't get job.However, I still work hard to get job. Now i am taking writing class and I am happy with my work.

  • Samar is a Mechanic.

  • Generally, I like to study alone. However i also like group studies, we can share our learning, help each other and clear doubts. Yes, I like to get help from someone else. Sometimes it is beneficial to learn from others.

    They decided to meet on Thursday.

  • What is your desire?
    How are you doing today?
    Who is your role model?

  • Are they siblings?
    Is she your classmate?
    Are you looking for Advance English course?

  • She is not a designer.
    We are not competitors.
    I am not an engineer.

  • She is not a designer.
    We are not competitors.
    I am not an engineer.

  • I am a writer.
    She is an intelligent girl.
    They are very good players.

  • She is my cousin.
    They are my relatives.
    You are my inspiration.

  • Samar is a Mechanic.
    Amena is a Doctor.
    Maya is a Teacher.

  • His full name is Samuel Aziz.

  • Hi, my name is chetali. I come from India I am studying this course because I want to improve my English.

  • Thank you.

  • Team work, group discussion, role play, pairing..

  • Thank you.

  • What's your name?
    Where are you from?
    When will you go to India?
    Which colour do you like most?/ which is your favourite colur?
    Who's your idol?
    How far you live from the shopping Mall?

  • Deposit and copy of his University offer from admissions, bank account number, sort of code,IBAN, and bank address.

  • False

  • False

  • see you soon
    thank you so much, keep in touch.
    bye have a nice day.
    Good bye.

  • My surname is Rawal. It's spell R-A-W-A-L.

  • Ahmed was born in Damascus, Sayria. I was born in Gujarat, India. I live another country.My all friends live in India, some of them in Gujarat and some of them in other city or states in India.

  • Ahmed was born in Damascus, Syria.

  • Dear sir/Madam,
    I am writing an email to complain about smart watch.

    On 2nd nov friday, I bought smart watch from your company. It is not working well half of the functions are not shown, I am unhappy with this product.
    I would like to return it and refund my money. I don't live near to your shop.

    Please contact me as soon as possible.My contact...

  • She lives in South Beirut.

  • It's good thank you and i'll continue tomorrow or in the afternoon.

  • I live near the train station. To get from my house go straight past cannel then take right walk pass two house take again right go straight you will see the hospital.

  • postoffice, church, waterloo, market line, school, train station, park road, swimming pool, library, restaurant, car park.

    preposition: left contiunue along , your left, past, across, to the right, towards, next to, on your right,walk pass,behind, cross the road, on,it,in,near,through, round the corner, to the end,straight,

  • yes, its a car park, supermarket.

  • When did you move (1) to Guildford?
    It’s (2)on the corner of Main Street and Waterloo Road. (3) opposite the school.
    We have a park (4)next the school which has a pond (5) in it.
    What about shopping? Are there any places (6) near to your house that you can walk (7)to_?
    We have a clothes shop (8)between the bookshop and post office and a nice little shoe...

  • They talk about the direction of places given in the map.Like the clothes shop is between the post office and book shop. we have very big Library next to Restaurant as well. We have a park nest to school.If you want to visit here, we have have a train station in the town itself, the train station is opposite to swimming pool and near to bookshop.

  • My house is not too far from here. I live in Hamra. It is an area of Beirut. The local school is 1. round the corner from my house. When I walk home 2. From work, I usually stop on Bliss Street so I can walk 3. through the university. It is a beautiful place, there is a small pond in the park. I also walk 4. past the florist and look 5. through the windows at...

  • The difference between cities and Villlages are Cities is bigger than villages people migrate in search of job. cities they have lots of job opportunities as compare to villages. Cities life is busy, noise pollution because there are huge population resides as compare to villages. In village life there is less pollution and you can get fresh.In village less...

  • Yesterday I woke up at 6 am and had study English course. Then I helped my daughter to get ready for school. I cooked breakfast for her and packed her lunch box then we went to school.After dropped her to school i came back to my home.I cleaned my home and watched news.
    At 2:30pm I picked up my daughter from school, then i went to super market to bought...

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    1. Past
    2. Along
    3.turn left
    5. Opposite

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    Mosque is next to school.
    Bookshop is between the pharmacy and the bank .
    Post is to the left of the train station.

  • Yesterday I woke up 6 am. I cooked breakfast and I helped my daughter to get ready for school. Then I dropped her to school. After that I went to supermarket and bought some grocery. At 5 pm I took classes at home my place for one hour, then at 7 pm I cooked dinner. We ate all together and it was a lovely day.

  • It is five to seven

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  • He miss his family.

  • Last week,He was sick. He had a cold.

  • I sold all my paintings.
    I did not sell my paintings.
    Did you sell your painting?

  • I bought new cycle for you.
    I read an interesting book.
    I began my new English course

  • Did you attend party last night?
    Did you press the mark as complete button?
    Did she went to the market yesterday?
    No, she didn't, she was not feeling well.Her mother went to the market yesterday.

  • I worked late night yesterday.
    I helped my friend in cooking in the morning.
    I finished my lunch at 1pm.


    I did not work late night,yesterday.
    I did not help my friend in cooking in the morning.
    I did not finish my lunch.

  • yes, i had a very busy weekend. I went to the supermarket with my kid to buy grocery. I did clean my house. I helped my daughter in her studies.

  • Mo had a busy weekend, he went to his cousin's wedding. He denced,listen music,and ate a lots of niced food and spent time with his family then he tired.

  • Today, I will learn new vocabulary and doing this course.

  • My name is Chetali, I come from Rajasthan.Rajasthan is in the north part of India. In my free time, I like to chat with my family and playing with my daughter, helping her in studies.

  • Hi, i am Chetali and I'm from India and am joining this course because i need to improve my English. I want to become a Teacher in International School.

  • I want to learn reading, writing and speaking English fluntly. Hope this course will help me.

  • Superb movie outsourced 2006

  • I need to improve pronunciations as I am learning English.

  • Thank you for the course.

  • Above statements are true Except the first statement.

  • Teaching language with colourful picture book with short and simple phrase like i am eating,sleeping,drinking which create interest and they motivated themselves to read more because with the help of picture they can read and pretending like oh i read this book and we should appreciate them.
    Gestures also helps to develop their vocabulary if they want...

  • I think, it is important to know about the role of adults, how they can plan the activities for kids,how can we support and challenge young children who are learning English like we don’t plan too much ahead as children learn new things in the moment, their interests can change daily,next day, therefore,their overall development planning is essential for the...

  • I think, parent is the first educators of their kid, they knows better about their kids likes, dislikes, abilities,positive and negative sides as well, they would share anything which impact their learning. In all conversations child should be in the center.By working together parents and practitioners can enhance children's learning and development.

  • Every home is a university and the parents are the teachers.Therefore, parent and teacher play keys to educational success. Together we can bring out the best for kid.

  • It is very important to celebrate children's achievements whether it's big or small. It's a positive way to encourage kids to try more and new things which boost their self-esteem, confidence. It keeps them motivate. Appreciate their work or efforts they put by giving them sticker, draw heart on their hands,etc,

  • Observation,Assessment and planning really helpful to know the child's learning and development. Through this we can easily give correct feedback to an individual. Support when and where child is lacking behind or find difficulties.

  • Every child is unique. It is really important to be aware of their needs and interests to understand them.Young children indeed learn very quickly as compare to older children or adults. They are at growing stage therefore, whatever they observe, understand,feel,learn,it will be longlasting. For teacher it is very important to observe kids over all...

  • I think, the best way of keeping track of children's progess; Assessment is a tool used to gather and provide educators, parents, and families with critical information about child's progress.Observation:Teacher can observe all facets of development, including intellectual, linguistic, soicial-emotional and physical development, on a regular basis. Portfolios...

  • Very Informative

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    Your syllabus includes everything, I was looking for. Thank you

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    Hello, My name is Chetali. I have been teaching in India and now I m in Europe. I am looking to improve my teaching skills.

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    Thank you for this summary. I look forward to Week 5.
    "Curious George " by H.A. Rey and Margret Rey. This is very famous series about a monkey named Curious George. This book uses a lot of short, simple sentences, which makes it very easy to read for English leaners.

  • Enabling environments encourage children to feel safe, relaxed and comfortable enough to be able to explore and learn. This includes the atmosphere created through warm and caring relationships, as well as the physical environment.

  • Educators are role-models to the children. Teacher should have quality to embracing diversity and establishing positive relationship with children. As we all know our fingers are not same but they all are very improtant, like that kids come from different background but they all are important for teacher too.Every teacher should mould their potential in what...

  • beautiful narration

  • Before begin to design or improve space,it is important to define your program's goals & identify the activities that will take place each day to accomplish thesegoals. Only then we can create a physical environment that truly represents and reinforces the mission and values of our program.
    Activity space, storage, Furnishings, lighting,floor...

  • Provide a wide range of materials, resources and Sensory experiences to enable children to explore colour, texture and space like play puzzles, coloring , painting , singing songs, playing dolls, craft-work many other enabling activities with appreciation, motivative environment is ideal for child's all round development.

  • Teacher plays important role in the classroom. Teacher should be active, innovative, and Enthusiastic. As i show in this video everyone enjoying except that little one Dani, she had cold might be, still she came to teacher and gave high5 because of the teacher approaches with the positivity and smiling way to interact with kids. Teacher is enjoying with...

  • Yes,definitely. Because the kep person will be your first point of contact with the pre-school, and is alsp responsible for exchanging information with you about how well your child id progressing in thier learning and development The key person works alongside parents and carers to ensure that there is continuity of care for the child thus supporting the...

  • When I was child,my mother always said never give up at least you should try once and gave me a big smile. She always encourge and boost me up.

  • It is very important for a child to feel happy and safe in order to learn because it creates a positive atmosphere for kids to learn,explore,communicate,confident, actively interact,and meet the world around them freely.

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    An Enabling Environment allows children to be able to move freely between activities; children can make choices on their play; where learning comes naturally; should encourage creativity; feels warm, welcoming and safe; Nurture children's curosity, well-being and self-confidence.

  • Tests can help us retain information if we are involved in setting the questions, or are asked to make connections during open-book exams. Experiments or authentic assessments that ask us to learn from trial and error can also be effective in helping us learn and commit that learning to memory. I think Trial and error is best method.

  • I think, we should begin with the topic by asking question, whatever we are going to study , give them interesting reason tell them how it is useful in their life or in exam or they could inter-related their topics, subjects. If i'm maths teacher, firstly i will explain the method in fun way , make story for formulas or method which helps kids to remember long...

  • very important to know things which effect our memory and how it works.

  • "Eu means good " Eustress is good stress. Indeed something new. Stress play a vital role in leaninig and memory.

  • Activities like talking, singing, reading, storytelling, drawing and writing all help tp developchild's literacy.
    Make proper strategies for children, and plan activity use multimedia and concrete objects to create connections between both language. Use gestures and body language when communicating ,Speak slowly and clearly, Anticipate new words and give...

  • useful and interesting learning

  • very interesting and useful to know about Neuroplasticity and stages of memory. Indeed, The human brain is a learning machine. Once again repetition play a vital role. Thanks

  • As shown in video, we have to be physically fit, have proper diet, sleep, do mental exercise, stress free,,

  • Teachers should plan lesson/ activity considering kids interent and level of understanding, because sometimes the student has difficulties to learn, to understand and to due hesitate/fear to ask questions to teacher at the same time. For this teacher should apply Student Friendly Teaching Strategies, identify thier issues in the class and provide them proper...

  • Hi!
    I'm from India.
    I have always been interested to know how human brain works,epecial while you teaching to young kids.want to explore how the brain functions and the relationshhip between learning and memory

  • Build understanding of how young children learn, undertand how play stimulates achild's natural curiosity to learn, Talk to the children and encourage them, Tune in to the child and empathise with them, observe and challenge at the right level for the individual kid.

  • Children learn action verbs like jump, stretch, swim and animals name. They also develop their different skils: motor skills, physical development, follwoing instructions,memorising,listening skills, interaction, play together team work,connect themselves , lots of fun they have .

  • plasticine for fine motor skill development and Dress-up promotes more independence by allowing kids to practice self-care skills.

  • Adult's role is very important
    encouraging children's motivation and an enthusiasm for confidence and self esteem,develop emotional wellbeing,children learning best when they have opportunities to be supported toward:
    making their own choices
    making thier own decision
    extending ideas, returning to exdperience and activites across a period...

  • I agree with Catherine Stewart. Teacher should build a strong relation with children, once he/she found comfortable he/she automatically stimulate , children develop their skills,listening,speaking ,memorising, responding. Learning everything through what they are doing input vocabulary and grammatical structure in the activity.

  • Playing with blocks help children develop thier vocabularies, imrpoves math skills, and even teaches them about gravity, balance and geometry. Building is all about size, shapes, weight, leverage, and balance, and as a child works this out,their building and block play will become more more complex. DRESS-UP allows kids to dream, hope, and use their...

  • I agree, We must always encourage & nurture children's curiosity. We should enter the children world, see the world with children eyes and enjoy,motivate them to keep thier curiosity high.

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    Young children learn through their senses, actions, and movements. I guess learning English cannot be separated from other areas of learning & development. Children can react on any resources you have or available with you, if you used that resources smartly then children stimutate and motivate themselves. It's also easier for children to understand the...

  • This week was indeed interesting and very useful. Learning about praising, Labels, how to talk to young children, etc. all positive and negative aspects of the above pionts.

  • I always trying to involve in children's activity, actually children really like if adults playing with them. I always help them to improve their skills i listening ,responding them and asking them easy questions related to what they are doing. Asking questions is an authentic way of interacting with children.By interacting with children in real situation, we...

  • As a teacher, First of all, we should bring children into their comfort zone before starting any activity. We should discuss about the activity which they are going to perform interact and involving kids in the activity in meaningful and enjoyable way.