Lianne Whittaker

Lianne Whittaker

I am a street smart, strong and clear clean minded individual who takes interest in various subjects.
I enjoy understanding the fundamentals of sustainability from nature, religion through to law

Location Cape Town



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  • Brilliant.

  • I am on the brink of securing a position as a junior marketing manager with room to grow into senior manager position. I need as much basic knowledge to build on what I already have. I look forward to sampling the course material. Thank you

  • The product is sales forecasting and prediction are parallel being they are in the sports / outdoor sector aswell as functioning for relaxed apparel / casual wear.
    Depending on the brand and it's trend line it will be a non stationery and seasonal item.
    You have various ages to consider so when aiming for your target market you need to seperate age / sex...

  • Know your target audience. On product relation design you would need to first access the age group of your user based on that you would then research the design interface to know that what you are going to base your design UX on would be appropriate in content and visual design to capture the audience.

  • I am very new to the UX sector with regards to formulating an understanding of consumer behaivour. I would imagine and integeral foundation to work on is sustainability through channels of communication and team work is of utmost importance.

  • HI,
    My feedback on the above mentioned question, I would bring about the following. A product I use, which constantly requires UX is a cellphone / computer. Any tech related gadget.
    Technology is constantly on the move with a newness everyday, constantly renewed with UI on user friendly apps which would deem necessary to have UX conducted everyday where...

  • I have never heard of UX so this is completely new for me.
    I market and distribute a cleaning product in and around the Western Cape and would like to gain a little more knowledge to better my skills on running our marketing platform which will achieve to make our product a leader in the field in CPT .

  • It's a great little snipit into forecasting very informative and well outlined.

  • I would like more information on outlining in detail what qualitive methods apply?

  • The uncertanties pertain to product risk and this is a good thing to incorporate right? Being that with risk there is growth so it pushes you to achieve the setout forecast as a track plan / goal achievement plan implenting a future reward scheme. Am I getting this ideal / model right?

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    Registered on Big ML - Dashboard big overwhelming but I'm sure your team will guide us all.

  • Our product is based on a seasonal time line and entered as a non stationery item. We pack and distribute a cleaning detergent to the tobacco industry / cannabis industry and vape industry.
    Therefore it would be in relation of trend to daily / weekly / monthly depending on the clientele targeted. IE: Vapestation is one of our clients: and the traffic to store...

  • Being our product that I have started the process of shelving a new product in Cape Town there is alot of channels I would like to approach with getting inline with distribution to chain stores. This comes with alot of red tape aswell as future predictions being the product won't be offered as a consignment / drop shipment product. It would need to be invoiced...

  • To grow in a business model and work my way up to being in a management position

  • I look forward to gaining your support on correcting my business principles to gain knowledge on what you are offering on this course.

  • Hi,
    I am a new product / business developer.
    I am completely new to the industry in relation to being a new product developer and therefore would like to gain some understanding and clarity in being able to draw up forecasting for sales and gain more discipline in formulating a target. I am hoping to become a sales / area manager with having a responsibility...

  • Hello. I am interested in studying a degree in law online so this will assist in my interest thereof.

  • That is disgusting. Firstly no man or woman I can't even call that human let's term that is SICK should live amongst society. Jesus died on a cross at the hands of being betrayed for forgiveness of sins so that the likes of you and I and a sinner can repent and have there sins forgiven to be redeemed with eternal life. Nowhere in the courtroom book does it...

  • If harmful behaviour has to be vrotoed as being justified then there is a major void and loop hole that needs to be addressed. One can't rational with someone who has put another in harm's way. Scenario,: family dyed/ anger fuelled rage various factors/ social factors equals justified right. Scenario: clothes found with blood on in a home where that never...

  • I have a question for Charlie. I was illegally implanted and our local government have listed the NFC tag under Dept of health however on the contrary there is a major affiliation and notably association of the party involved in the RFID tag being linked to a gang aswell as perhaps hiding his severe criminal activity by allowing this to take place. I have...

  • Sociology pathic personality and or disorders interest me to fathom the intentions to motivate certain actions and display of behaviour patterns. Criminals law is vast however Criminal case studies as per the first case study is what I am interested in

  • As for understanding the vaccine issue surely one had a choice in the matter. As an individual consensus. I don't feel this should fall under the category of criminal law perhaps there could be a ad hoc tribunal to pass this as a constitutional right should one not feel fit to take it under alternative health solutions?

  • Social factors are one of the key factors to consider once analysing and taken into consideration the crime at hand. It's the layout of Punishment that is determine and dependable on the key social factors to take into account. I correct in this assumption?

  • Agreed with the above posts
    No on all three speculated counts of reasoning.

  • Ok. Firstly the teacher, I sincerely feel she may have emotional psychological issues as I'm not sure what a 16 year old has to offer. The only thing he could possibly offer is an offloading of his semen and a hug on the teachers part I feel a good psychologist would be beneficial to point out a realistic factor that she is probably lonely and looking for love...

  • Hi. I am a Welsh citizen with permanent residence in Cape Town, South Africa and have been wanting to relocate back to the UK at some point in the very near future. Be this as it may, I want to secure a position in the public service sector. For two main reasons, firstly to give back what knowledge I have gained over a number of years and secondly to secure a...

  • I look forward to understanding the fundamentals of this study course. With a dream to join the police in England or Wales this could be of benefit. However, I currently reside on Cape Town and understand I nred to reside in the UK for three years before I can apply. Thank you future learn for listing this course as a trial.

  • I am looking to get a better understanding of sustainabile building so I am hoping this will be of interest

  • Phenomenal. I am new to this industry and so far I am loving it. I was contacted by a business owner in Durban last year who approached me to get involved in a housing project that utilised low carbon footprint substrates and processes thereof for various building components for his project. I was made aware of modular housing systems.. it's amazing.

  • Please to meet you all..

  • Low energy manufacturing process utilizing sustinable design implementations to gain optimisation of energy use and yield low energy consumption products to able the built implementation

  • I am a new learner to this sector so I am unable to give a bias answer on this question.

  • The cost of sustainabile building goods is relatively outweighed in the building industry in Cape Town and or South Africa being we are a third world country and in the top three for most corrupt there are avenues to cut costs however government is far from up to standard as far as this is concerned. I would like to further my knowledge in Sustainablility...

  • Fantastic

    Trees are us,offering sustainability technology systems
    "The sauce of your fuel "

    The root of the source is your fuel and or juice meaning energy

  • I live in an area that used to house an asbestos manufacturing plant. I use passed tense as this advesrley affected the area not only. On a human scale but also an environmental nature. The plant was shut down a number of years ago. Vague but read into this the nature and causes which permeated the actions and results.

  • I am in Cape Town looking for a company to prehaps fund or obtain a intern in this sector. Do you have any partnerships in Cape Town

  • Hi. Reading your reply. I am. New to construction and building and gaining knowledge of the industry through short courses. Why is it that sustainability is more expensive. Broad question I know, just want a professional understanding of this . I was blessed with an opportunity to work alongside a builder who was working with low energy input building...

  • Transglobal teams are necessary to combat the underworld prehaps even playing on their turf is impeccable.