leili golshahi

leili golshahi

I'm an early years English teacher and due to corona virus I have started teaching online since January 2019

Location Iran


  • so when to notice the difference and how to notice it? and what to do to encourage and reinforce the intrinsic motivation for learning ?

  • @SheonaGilmour Thank you. However useful the course seemed to be, as I'm moving forward the information provided are somehow very basic. Do you know how can I access more professional information about early childhood education ? any books you recommend ? thank you so much for your help

  • I think in both adult- led activities the children are guided to something far greater than their imaginations only and are limited to learn something through out the game. however, when they are given the chance to play freely they can begin to experience a new set of ambiance which helps them grow their creativity.

  • children can and should learn a language by playing as long as the game is controlled by the teacher and they are guided to practice the sentence structures and vocabulary within the game they are playing. A teacher should never force the student to talk but he should encourage them to produce the L2 language as much as they can.

  • no each is directed to a specific age group

  • I think when it comes to young children repetition is the key to learn

  • thank you for all the tips , hopefully I'll be informed to join the next MOOC. I always ask for my students to repeat the sentences in the story I tell them, sometimes they find it hard to follow especially with new grammar structures and that makes them reluctant to continue the session and reading stories. I was wondering if this is a good method to teach or...

  • I am an English language teacher. I teach English as a second language to kids aged 3 to 6 and more through indirect methods. However, due to coronavirus I am teaching online from home now. I spend nearly 18 hours a week with children.

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    Hello , I'm lili from Iran . I'm looking forward to expand my knowledge in early childhood education so I can perform more professional at my job. And I'm glad to join this course.