Anderson Freitas Gomes

Anderson Freitas Gomes

Well my name is Anderson, I was born in Aracaju /Se/Brazil and Sergipe is situated in northeast of Brazil, it's the smallest State but with best quality of life. Actually I've been studying IT MVA.

Location Aracaju/SE Brazil



  • Hello everybody! I am already student of British Council through IELTS for some courses, my name is Anderson I am from Aracaju/SE Brazil where I was born then I'm a sergiper.
    And you need to know Aracaju is smallast State of Brazil Federation however with best quality of life.
    By the way my purpose here is get best knowledge of ESL.

  • Well, this course will focus on writing the argumentative essay as it is an essential type of writing in many disciplines.
    As we saw all text exposed writing will only improve with practice, practice and practice.
    Than that's the great opportunity for us to face ours challenges.

  • That's a reality we faced challenge and got it.
    I sincerely thank all tutors and colleagues what we learnt togther excelent ecperience.

  • well, very good this oriented program course with purpose prepare us to going UK University.

  • Review was very interesting where we could see our low and high.

  • Genre - A musical genre
    Discipline - Eletive discipline
    Community - International Community
    Successful - Extremely successful
    Lecture - Memorial lecture
    Assignment - Assignment temporary
    Peer - Creative peer

  • I will make a great experience.

    Will I have to work difficult?

    I hear that there is thick rain every day.

  • well, Omar was perfect in his feedback to Farah and attentious.

  • Literature is writting book by some author about especific subject.
    Source any element providing information for students such as textbooks, internet, libraries, etc.
    Scholarship is way of getting study free through School, University or some scolar Institution.

  • What makes a good definition?
    Answer: At first in my opinion I consider an algorithimic as we are refining information so best definition is a best algorithimic.

  • Excelent didatical material like define exactly one word:
    Textbooks are a type of publication, usually used by students, that contain core information about a subject.
    Eggs are a type of food that come from chickens and have a hard outer shell and a yolk.

  • A genre is a type of text such as assessed student writing, eg an essay, that has certain features.

    An essay is a genre of assessed student writing that has certain typical features.

  • Watch the video again.
    Which words does Professor Gardner define?
    Write them down.
    1. Genre - genre it means ‘type’
    2. Discipline - Type matter to be studied.
    3. Lecture - Subject developed about business through lecturer
    4. Sources - Sources are the places where you look for evidence to support your work.
    5. Scolarship - It's a way student getting to...

  • I've no condition doing a compared study here in Brazil with aboard, one thing I am sure class experimental lab no more than twenty student reason why I was academic in Mathemitic.

  • Have you ever had a tutorial at university?
    Answer: yes; when I was studying expremental fisic.

    What happened?
    Answer: We were guidenced to proove why clock during winter stay fast and in summer slow.

    Was it similar to the ideas Omar told us about?
    Answer: Almoste.

  • Have you ever taken part in a seminar?

    Answer: yes; but many years ago therefore I will describe what mean a seminar: I remember perfectly when I was studying at C.C.A.A School last year there was a seminar where I was part a group of twelve students three lecturer.

    What happened?

    Answer: Each lecturer gave us an explanation about all subjects...

  • Have you ever been in a lecture?
    Answer: Yes, I've.
    What did you do?
    Answer: I just watched to the lecture.
    Was it different from Omar’s description?
    Answer: Yes; it was.

  • What new information about the terms has Omar given you?
    Answer: Omar's advice
    1. When you encounter new words in any situation, don't panic, take it easy.
    2. Remember to Plan ahead if you have an exam or an assignment.

  • Google is been excelent to doing these task.

  • Well, second "Oxford learn dictionary" we've meaning each word:
    Lecture: A talk is given to a group of people to teach them about a particular subject, often as a part of a university or collage course.

    Seminar: A class at a university or collage when a small group of students and a teacher discuss or study a particular topic.

    Tutorial: a short book or...

  • Khadichabonu Olimova I was reading your task where I liked alot of it.

  • well, I have seen all team learners are really focused where I am proud of them, congratulations dear colleags!

  • Already answered question before.

  • What have you found to be particularly good, useful or interesting about this week?
    Answer: At the end of this week I had the opportunity reading in particularly good comments where inriched my knowledge great proof we've learned together.

    What actions will you take to practise what you have learned this week?
    Answer: Do part this team of learners where I...

  • Some dictionary on first page there are tips like pronounce very well legal.

  • That's a good idea or a good learn dictionary.

  • I don't see difficulty in pronounce such words any difficulty new words just consulting a good dictionary, at last we don't know all words always will appear new words then our mission is looking for meaning.

  • 1. Reflec’tion
    2. Lec’ture
    3. Gen’re
    4. Indepen’dence
    5. Auto’nomous

  • Look at the following examples. Where do you think the /ə/ sound is?
    Reflection - Refl/ə/ction
    Lecture - Lectur/ə
    Genre - G/ə/nre
    independence - Ind/ə/p/ə/nd/ə/nce
    Autonomous - Auton/ə/mous

  • I always had this experience when I was for example reading weekly magazine time where when one word was unknown I had consulting Osvaldo Serpa dictionary the phonemic and perfect pronounce.

  • This way we see that
    a dictionary has all the information we need to understand the meaning of a word, but it also has all the information we need to say a word correctly and make yourself understood.
    Firstly we need the word we want to learn, secondly we need the phonemic transcript thirdly we need the chart to help we understand the phonemic transcript.

  • 1. resilient - strong enough to get better quickly after illness, shock, etc..
    In the context, it means a student should be able to learn from failures and mistakes and keep on working.
    2. Peers: someone who is the same age, or who has the same social position or abilities as other members of a group.
    it means your equals.
    3. Community: a group of people;...

  • I liked your developement.

  • Perfect Fabian! very good.

  • Self-efficient means not depending on others to learn which makes more sense to the "independent" word in the context by Ian Dunn.

  • Great! Hazar.
    very good.

  • At first we must understand the importance of context.
    Finally, I can conclude that the keywords 'government-ruled learning' are out of context.
    clearly notice that "government-ruled learning" have nothing to do with independent learning.

  • In my opinion monolingual dictionary is more useful to people fluent in english therefore I prefer it reason why we must be acostumated with english language.
    The learner dictionary is for people who is learning English as a second language.

  • At first I would say, I would use a bilingual dictionary in my case english/portuguese therefore I would use monolingual reason why I have a fluence in english this is automatic message but clear we do not know everything then between while we need a dictionary.
    Best dictionary would be that one we look for that word and we have mean clear and objective. I...

  • At first I am here giving an opinion like brazilian guy where I consider very good and most used it's named "Osvaldo Serpa" I used at Gymnasium, High school and University nowadays I use Google. I already used monolingual, bilingual both are good.

  • I look for in dictionary and translate it reason why I will have no doubt.