Sheila Agbo Delali

Sheila  Agbo Delali

A selfless girl trying to build herself in the field of mathematics.

Location Greater Accra , Ghana


  • The course has been interesting so far. And I love it. Want to say a big thank you.

  • For hair products we must gather and analyse our data and also measure our growth rate / pricing and then our visitor engagement and conversion rate and not to forget about our competitors too.

  • A cinema may segment their customers with age, kids and adults. And with adults there is a discount for students pertaining the time and genre of the movie to be watched.

  • Let's start with week two...

  • A key way to ensure the improvement of a business is to checkout the branding and content publishing. Cause I feel that's what most people look up to before taking up a step in whether to purchase or not.

  • I feel music is life. So looking at our current generation and the generations before. Per the data we get from the lifestyle of the people before and now, there is a vast difference. So the music before has to be analysed and tested and thus changing and improving their product or service.

  • Data science refers to developing methods of recording, storing and analysing data to effectively extract useful information.
    Data is being seen by some as the new oil because its changing the meaning of analytics and advancing the Artificial Intelligence revolution every day.

  • I'll use macro conversion to know the product that is being purchased most and micro conversion the number of visitors on my site .

  • I would want to measure content publishing. I will like to see the number that saw the adverts and also the channel the saw them through.

  • I'm interested in Learning the role of web analytics for a successful business

  • I'm all ready now

  • Hello all,
    I am from Ghana and a student. I joined the course to build my future career.

  • Thanks .

  • Thanks for the course.