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  • Mordin in Mass Effect 2 and 3! Brilliant, crazy character who was awesome as a squad-mate!

  • A good week, very interesting. The chocolate wine recipe was delicious. It has all made me want to investigate making chocolate from scratch. It's also given me the inspiration for a subplot in the sequel to a novel I wrote last year.

  • I think I'll give this recipe a miss! That's one impressive salad, though.

  • I was writing up my findings from Week 3 and took the opportunity to return to Fylettys en galentyne. A strange concoction, it is tasty and comforting for a while...

  • Thanks Daniela :)

  • I've just made a cup of this after a long day at work. I'm sat back reclined in a chair, relaxing music on and it is so good. Those Georgians knew what they were doing!

    This would be perfect in winter!

  • Cinnamon flavouring sounds good. I made mine with caraway and quite enjoyed them, but I'm thinking ginger could work really nicely. Especially with a mug of tea.

  • I was quite surprised how rock solid they went, too! Oddly tasty, though.

  • I also made jumbals and thought they were quite good, a nice subtle flavour. I think they could be interesting if you experiment with different spices - I reckon ginger would work quite well. They were good dipped in tea, so I'm thinking a ginger flavoured one would also be excellent for this.

    Photos and experiences from my process at...

  • Good week, looking forward to chocolate next week.

    I made the jumbals and thought they were pretty good. Pictures and experiences at

  • Did anyone else find that the quantities of flour to water for the Ryschewys were a bit off? I had to add a lot more flour for the dough to come together.

  • I used the stated amounts of cheshire cheese and double cream and the filling all came together quite well. It was my flawed pastry lid that caused problems during baking. There's a picture of my tart before the lid went on at where you can see that the filling is nice and thick. If only...

  • I made the Tarte owt of Lente and the Ryschewys Close and Fryez. The tart was good but I think it needed something extra, while the Ryschewys were.... different. I blogged about my experiences:

  • I made the tart and it seemed pretty good, but I had a cheesy volcano-style disaster in my oven so lost a lot of filling...

  • Hi Adam, thanks a lot for the feedback and I'm glad to hear that you've enjoyed the course!

  • Hi David - that's great, I'm glad it helped!!

  • Hi Anthony - the Graph DB workbench should be available and is working for me - it will continue to be available after the course finishes, too. When you select 'Choose repository' in the top right of the window, MusicBrainz should be listed as an option?

  • The triples for the given name and family name aren't quite correct there. You might want to watch the screencast video at which discusses these.

  • Hi Maria - this may be down to the Web Browser that you are using. If you have another one, could you try it using that and then let me know if it works?

  • Hi Julie - can you post line 7 here and let me know what question you're attempting and I'll take a look?

  • Hi Mark - for the agents that you got returned, their links won't go to anything as we're essentially creating some sample agents rather than anything on a live datastore. Next week when we look at SPARQL some more you will be using the MusicBrainz ontology which will contain more 'real' data.

  • Just an extra note on the above - typically the resulting NTriples


    would all be displayed on a single line to reinforce the subject-predicate-object structure, and that this is just a...

  • Hi David,

    If you are using a desktop or laptop then in some browsers (e.g. Chrome and Safari), you can resize the input field by dragging the lower right corner of it. Alternatively, you can copy and paste to/from a text editor e.g. Notepad and use that while you are editing.

    Using the answers to get started is perfectly fine - many times with things...

  • Hi Julie,

    Recall that @base and @prefix aren't triples in themselves. They specify abbreviations for the other triples.

    So for
    @base <>.
    @prefix mo:<>.
    <artist/b10bbbfc-cf9e-42e0-be17-e2c3e1d2600d#_> a mo:MusicGroup.

    the only thing that actually gets converted is the triple in the last...

  • Thanks for pointing that out - I've updated it!

  • Nice - great find!

  • Hi Peter, this is a default list of suggestions that the site provides - I get the exact same list.

  • I have updated the RDF in the exercise to remove this peculiarity so that the base will be
    @base <> .

    To explain, if you are curious: this is a related to something called “Cool URIs” and how they work in the semantic web.

    Basically, the @base statement sets a base URI which is relative (unlike the @prefix one,...

  • Thank you!

  • Hi Christopher,

    Your code is correct. What you are seeing is that the rows are numbered after they are returned - so rows 11 to 20 are returned but are numbered as 1-10 as they're now the first 10 results of what you asked for.

    As a way to check this, you can run the same query using LIMIT 20 OFFSET 0. You'll get all of the first 20 results instead. Have...

  • Hi Adrian, welcome to the course!

    Well spotted! The original does have 'module1' at the end and it's been missed off here. Apologies for that! As long as it is consistent in your solution, it shouldn't have an effect. So either use 'module1' at the end of each relevant statement, or don't use it on any (as in the answer sheet). Either way will work.

  • Hi Steve, welcome to the course! The video subtitles and complete transcript will be available soon. The transcripts will be available to download from the bottom of each page.

  • Hi Anthony, welcome to the course. Yes, definitely - eBay was one of the first Web 2.0 companies.

  • This is a really good example, Martin. There is more about how the BBC uses linked data at

  • Hi Julie, there will also be more about ontologies in general later this week in Step 1.6.

  • Hi Trevor - sorry for this. The subtitles will be on the video soon and there will also be complete transcripts available to download.

  • Hi everyone! Thanks for joining the course! I'm Chris, one of the online facilitation team here at the University of Southampton. I'm looking forward to seeing and participating in the discussions over the next few weeks!

  • This is a really good point - a huge benefit to social media for a company is being there in a visible way to respond in order to stop negativity spreading like wildfire and becoming visible to a lot of people, potentially damaging the brand. Instead, they can - if done well - turn negative comments into a positive outcome for the company, and possibly...

  • Hi Angus - great to hear that you enjoyed the course. The content will remain available online once the course is finished so if there is anything you felt you had to skip over and would like to return to then please do - some people are just starting so there are still discussions happening throughout the entire course.

  • Hi Judy, David and Will - thanks for this feedback, I will pass it on to the relevant party!

  • Thanks Rosemary! Really good to hear that you enjoyed the course!

  • Thanks for the feedback Sarah - great to hear that you enjoyed it!

  • It is important to remember that big companies don't want to become perceived as 'behind the times' - whether this can be said if they didn't have a Twitter presence is certainly debatable, but increasingly customers do expect a brand to have some form of presence and this can be more for a customer service channel than actually trying to advertise a product....

  • I think we may need to be careful not to label all smart TVs in the same category as not all smart TVs have microphones or cameras - this is a feature on a subset of models. For a lot of smart TVs there will just be the addition of catch-up TV services etc., which introduce more computer-style functionality into the box. While this would still allow viewing...

  • Hi Malcolm - there are a few sociological/psychological theories in this area if you are interested. They are based around moral balancing, or carrying out actions in response to previous actions you've carried out. So on the one hand, someone may feel "morally licensed" not to act because they have done something already (e.g. Liked). Alternatively, they may...