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  • @AdrianBailey @PaulSJohnson The link worked but it was a little slow so I've adjusted it slightly. Any better?

  • Great to have you all on board. This course has been very popular since it was created and we are looking forward to this run of it. We'll do our best to browse through your comments and interact where possible but do feel free to support and learn from each other using the comments tool.

  • Some really great responses coming out in the comments at this stage in the course. I do enjoy reading your posts and seeing the different viewpoints shared.

  • Thanks for finding this one Nicky. I'll upload it to the 'See Also' section for other students to access.

  • Sorry for the glitch. Should be sorted now.

  • Hi Paul, sorry the link was malfunctioning for you. I've corrected it now. Thanks Helen for helping people out. Appreciate it. Enjoy Week 2.

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    Some great comments all round after our first week, I'll be feeding these on to the team. I'm looking forward to week 2 where we can delve a little deeper into the biological and neurological approaches found in Mental Health.

  • Thank you for your lovely feedback Poppy. We're glad you're enjoying the course.

  • Those typos get in there from time to time. Well spotted.

  • thanks Gary, appreciate the feedback

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    We've turned up the audio and replaced it. Hopefully this should work okay for you all now.

  • All sorted. Well spotted Clifford.