Tobias Andreasson

Tobias Andreasson

I am an Adjunct Associate Professor at CQUniversity and currently working as a consultant. I have a particular interest in creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and design practices

Location Australia


  • @ChristineF I agree, but I think we can understand 'originality' as something that is original in your context and not something that has never been done before, ever (that would be pretty difficult). You do not just copy something exactly, instead you shape it so it fits your context (new for you or your community), and that is original and can be creative I...

  • Hi @TraceyHenderson Tobias here, I created this course and just read your comment. I want to add that I think we can understand 'usefulness' in a broader sense, so it includes 'useful to you', i.e. it has a value to you. So random paint on a canvas may not be creative unless someone actually values it, sees that it is 'useful' as a piece of art. That is why I...