Christopher Smith


I am currently studying towards an MSc in Environmental Management with the Open University. I am looking to facilitate a career change into the environment sector.

Location Norfolk, England


  • The Memory Needle

    Just a sharp scratch!
    Then pain comes flooding in.
    As memories return.

    Just a sharp scratch!
    Then tears will flow.
    As memories return.

    Just a sharp scratch!

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    I think that ideas can and should shift across cultural boundaries. A cultural idea as established as a haiku has a deep heritage and a deeper future if it is allowed to seep naturally into the work of whoever wishes to use it as a vehicle with which to communicate to the world.

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    I like it's completeness. It needs no more space to deliver it's meaning.

  • Binocular

    You combine the ocular,
    Left and right,
    Forming an image.

    Solidly rooted,
    To your concrete pedestal,
    Your metal frame endures.

    Your view is dynamic,
    Rhythmically changing,
    Shifting, evolving.

    What have you seen?
    Not one person alone,
    Can ever tell.

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    A couplet is two lines of poetry that in some way are connected to each other.

  • For me a poem encapsulates ideas without being bound by the formal structures of grammatical language. It has fewer rules than prosaic writing and can take on countless different forms. A poem is a 'snapshot' not a full length movie.

  • I use whatever notebook I have to hand. Sometimes I get frustrated if my lines don't fit across the page. I like dropping my poetry in amongst other things I'm noting down. It means that I revisit it more frequently than if it had it's own dedicated notebook. Other ideas in my notebook might jump over into my poetry and my notebook is also my repository for...

  • I am old-fashioned in that I like to write it down on paper, to see it and see how it appears on the page. I completely understand the air being a tool as I cannot write without reading aloud - I have to give a voice to my poetry to see how it feels when it hits the air. If it doesn't sound right then more work is needed.

  • Always pleased to learn new things and I have definitely learned some new things over the last week. Looking forward to the next two weeks.

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    I'm off to find me a poem!

  • I created my cento below using lines that both related to weather. The gently beating wings passing from a cloud reminded me of angels and this linked in to the winds of heaven idea.

  • My Cento - The Winds of Heaven

    The winds of heaven mix forever,
    Like gently beating wings passing from a cloud.

    Line 1
    Love's Philosophy by Percy Bysshe Shelley

    Line 2
    The Mind is a Body Breathing In by Brook Emery

  • I've been reading lots about mindfulness and breathing and came across 'The Mind is a Body Breathing In' by Brook Emery on the Poetry Archive website.

  • My earliest memories of poetry come from nursery rhymes and an anthology that I was read from as a small child called 'The Treasury of Poetry'. Poetry was playful and joyful. As I have grown up (allegedly) I have encountered the other side of poetry that conveys serious messages with purpose and intent. Poetry features in our society in the UK but it isn't as...

  • A poet's materials are words, their tools the structures and conventions of language. A poem is crafted in that it is shaped and reformed and takes on a 'final' form. This finished work may still be taken and adapted by others. It may be celebrated and revered or it may disappear into the ether.

  • I added the word 'sublime' - it sounds like what it means in my mind.

  • I haven't found my favourite poem yet.

  • Looking for a vehicle for my creative mind,
    Looking to challenge myself,
    Looking for a means of escapism.

    Need some pointers and polish.

  • I've been fortunate to experience outdoor learning with all age groups within primary and the Year 6 pupils are just as enthusiastic and gain just as much from learning outdoors as do Year R. And of course nature always throws something unexpected or unplanned in the mix and these make for great learning opportunities that no boxed-up planning template can...

  • Whilst I am not currently working in a primary school setting, at the primary school where my two eldest children attend there is a 'forest schools' area and outdoor garden spaces. These spaces appear to be underdeveloped and I am not aware that they are well-used. In my own experience of outdoor learning I have been encouraged to develop the space outside my...

  • Outdoor learning gives children direct experience. They learn from real world experiences, not the models and images that constrain learning in the classroom. Very often as teachers we simplify and 'cartoonify' the complexity of the real world... But when children get to see this detail and complexity for themselves it inspires them to question and wonder and...

  • How can climate and sustainability be embedded across the primary curriculum and embedded in the values of the school?

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    Hi, I'm Chris, I have spent the last 15 years working as a primary school teacher in Norfolk. I am currently taking a career break to look after my youngest child and studying towards an MSc in Environmental Management. Not entirely sure where life will take me but I'm keen to use my time at home to explore learning linked to both environment and education......

  • Children need to understand the important role that climate plays in providing a habitable space for humans and other living things on planet Earth. They need to recognise that climate science is based on evidence gathered by scientists that is verified through the peer-review process. They need to recognise the impacts that human activities have on the...

  • The political establishment needs disruption to enable a more holistic form of politics to take root that allows for an eco-centric approach to prevail. Politicians need to begin to engage more readily with the science that predicts that our planet is currently set on a path towards ecological disaster. They need to act boldly and act now. Targets need to be...

  • It is clear that the natural world has, in recent history, been treated as a resource to be exploited at will by humans the world over. Some humans have approached the resource in a sustainable way, others haven't. By protecting nature with legal protections we make nature sustainable. Without legal protections and policies which take into count the...