I'm a Reiki Master and Meditation Tutor. I like studying part time and have completed various courses including some in counselling and psychology.

Location London


  • It was interesting to note that Family's will very often be the experts on the personal care someone needs. Mitchells Family wanted to have more control over who comes into the house to care for him and to also pick some services to manage. I think that letting them pick services to manage has meant better care for Mitchell with a happier Family.

  • I don't have a problem with talking about any help I may need except that I would need someone who I trust will understand my situation.

  • I'm interested to see what new knowledge I can learn to help others in the future.

  • Keep up the good work. I've just joined the course and after reading your comment I reflected on how my own leadership skills could help.

  • I stopped drinking alcoholically 23 years ago and have trained as a therapist. I have worked in the mental health and also with people recovering from addiction to alcohol and drugs.

  • I agree that it looks interesting. Wonder what it will help me achieve in the future?