Darcy Vo

Darcy Vo

Darcy is a Postgraduate Director at The Mind Lab. She has experience in designing, developing and delivering blended learning courses. Her research interest is digital learning and sentiment analysis.

Location New Zealand


  • @KudjiLado agree. Digital inequity is real and we need to make sure we provide different options of access to the learning.

  • @MahuaRoychoudhury, interesting take you have around the student lack of patience. I would rather say they are easily distracted if what we are teaching does not sustain their interest and they don't feel it relevant to them.

  • Thank you @ThuNguyen for your feedback. I'm glad the course provides with you new perspective and ideas.

  • Thank you, @ChristineEleanor .Glad to hear that the course is useful to you and look forward to hearing more how you have made changes in your teaching practice.
    If you want to take the learning further, consider the longer micro-credential course we have developed.
    Look forward to meeting you again in this space.

  • Thank you, Patricia for your positive feedback.
    We have a longer micro-credential course that digs deep into digital and collaborative learning and we also organise live online meetups during the course. If you are interested in more of this learning, have a look at the course and register.
    All the best,

  • Thank you @VarghesPhilip .I'm glad this course is useful for your practice.

  • Hi @misbahkauser, welcome to the course. Really glad to see the enthusiasm towards the learning.

  • Hi @PatriciaSarrot, have you tried the stopmotion studio app? It's easier to do that on a mobile phone. If you want to create a stopmotion video on laptop perhaps search for qstopmotion software, download and install it to your laptop and lauch it. Then take photos for the scenes of your stopmotion movie, add the photos to the qstopmotion. Remember to export...

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  • Hi María, welcome to the course. Hope this provides you with new ideas to take to your teaching.

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  • Xin chào from New Zealand!

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  • Hi Josephine, welcome. Hope you find useful ideas from the course with regards to integrating digital technologies into teaching and learning.

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  • Hi Emma, do you have any professional groups that you would like to suggest others to join?

  • Hi Bethany, I agree with you, especially the importance of letting go of ego. This sometime can be hard when we are used to teaching in silos and feel that we are the only one in charge.

  • This a good example of the different between cooperation and collaboration, Amir.

  • @BethanyWitham well said!

  • Yes, Angela. Let students be a creator instead of being a consumer of technology.

  • Thanks, Bethany. I'm glad you find the tool useful and look forward to hearing more about your experience using the stop motion with the students.

  • Glad that you enjoyed using the tool, Amir.

  • Hi Sudath, what do you think can be done so the learning activities you give to students reach the higher level?

  • Hi Patricia, sorry to hear that. We have tested the video and it works from our end. I wonder if you can check your internet connection and try to play the video again? Thanks.

  • @ChristineSmith Hi Christine, likewise, look forward to interacting more with you in the course.

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  • Darcy Vo made a comment

    I'm based in Auckland and I've read and attended a few presentations about IoT application. Very impressed with the team's expertise and look forward to learn more from the course, especially new ideas, conversations, and even debates around the use of IoT in sustainability.