David Parsons

David Parsons

Dr. David Parsons is National Postgraduate Director at The Mind Lab, helping teachers to develop their professional practice in digital and collaborative learning.

Location Auckland, New Zealand


  • Auckland has a rather basic but nonetheless useful system that monitors water reservoir levels and shares these on the Web, alongside usage rates and targets to mitigate water usage in drought conditions. Further IoT development could be used to reduce excessive water use (typically by the rich, who pay no attention to water bills).

  • A lot of IoT can be anonymous but unfortunately there is plenty that relates to individuals. This simply compounds the existing levels of surveillance and lack of data privacy that we already face in a connected world.

  • IoT could be used to manage smart prescriptions for people on multiple medications. Sensors could measure health metrics and medications could be dynamically varied based on patient status to avoid over-medicating.

  • To manage high traffic volumes, sensors would need access to the cellular network and be able to control the maximum speed of a vehicle. The cloud app would aggregate data and limit the speed of vehicles approaching areas of high traffic density to even out speed and reduce bunching and unnecessary braking and acceleration. Data would need to be sent back to...

  • If maximum vehicle speed could be managed in high traffic areas through IoT devices, high volumes of traffic could be more efficiently managed than by hoping people responding to dynamic speed signage

  • Thanks for the feedback on the video, Patricia. I will pass it on to Milla!

  • Yes, relationships within groups are very important and we need to find ways to help students to develop these relationships in a positive way

  • That's a good example, Amir

  • Thanks for your thoughts Senerath. You are right that both collaboration and individual work are important in learning and creativity, so we should ensure that our learners have opportunities for both types of learning activity.

  • Cool, well done for giving them all a go, and thanks for the feedback Jenny

  • Yes you're right Emma, we can't expect people to become lifelong learners unless we help them develop the capabilities to do so

  • Good point, Amir, teachers have to give learners agency, and schools have to give agency to teachers

  • Some good reflective thoughts here Bethany

  • Thanks for highlighting those key challenges from the video - yes you are right we need to answer their call