Karen Wilson


Clinical Nurse Manager in Older People passionate about improving care and standards for our service users

Location Ayrshire and Arran


  • Like you Patricia I worry about the lockdown and modified risks, personally I see a big decline in my fit healthy 72 year mum who hasn’t been able to see her friends or groups I worry this decline won’t reverse

  • Fantastic start very clear and always great to refresh ones own memory

  • I personally think people are far more aware of brain diseases like dementia than ever before. What I struggle with is the loved ones who say but mum was functioning fine at home before she fell and now your telling me she has acute delirium and has taken a sudden decline and won’t be independent anymore. I and my staff find this a hard one to explain

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    Excellent to the point and easy to understand refresher thank you

  • By nourishing it thro stimulation exercise well balanced meals socialising and protecting it at all costs

  • I have an open mind but think my parents generation have more education in brain health. Puzzles reading conversation for stimulation where as my grandparents stayed in watched the news and only read a newspaper. I also believe more people are aware of good nutrition for many reasons healthy heart, skin, bones and brain. Looking forward to being challenged and...

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    Hi everyone I’m karen I’m a clinical nurse manager in Ayrshire and Arran specifically in elderly rehab, I have a very close working relationship with our elderly mental health team and I’m looking forward to enhancing my knowledge and hopefully make some changes in our clinical areas

  • Looking forward to having a better understanding of the brain and dementia and hopefully take some knowledge and tips back to my clinical areas. Thank you