Kristen Hopper

Kristen Hopper

I am Assistant Professor (Research) on the EAMENA project at Durham University specialising in the archaeological landscapes of ancient western Asia, and GIS and remote sensing applications.

Location UK


  • That would be interesting! Don't know the answer to that one, I'm afraid.

  • Hi Ainemigisha. Are you interested in learning more about the archaeology of the region, or the geology itself?

  • Hi Nasaasira and Ayesha, those are good questions. In the example of the building without a roof, the thing to consider is whether it is 'active deterioration'. The roof has already collapsed, so it cannot actively continue to deteriorate (it no longer exists!). The extent of the damage recognises that a large part of the site (horizontally) has been...

  • Hi Brad. I can't see the exact image you are referring to on Google Earth Pro, but I imagine what might be happening is that you are seeing a composite of two different images taken on different dates.