Marc Angelier

Marc Angelier

Fervent defender of braille, I travel the world to train practitioners and to make inclusive school for all a reality!
I am in charge of implementing LEGO Braille Bricks concept for the LEGO Foundation

Location France


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  • For sure @SusanMasters

  • Yes and they usually enjoy that. You can also combine it with "Build a masterpiece".

  • It is iteration!

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  • Could you explain it a bit more @JeannetteMelendez ?

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  • Planification is so important

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  • Let's go!

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  • Yes it is a engaging and physical activity @LyubovBobchynets

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  • Agree but with practice it can also work with a big group @JeannetteMelendez

  • yes!

  • Yes, it is often beneficial for some kids to reduce the number of bricks @StephanieStavers

  • Practice and share with your students @JeannetteMelendez

  • Yes, it is a great introduction to the braille cell @SusanMasters

  • That's where iteration is a nice characteristic to remember @MaríadelRosarioHernándezArteaga

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  • Thanks for sharing @StephanieStavers

  • For sure it will be useful for adults to prepare the actvities @JeannetteMelendez

  • and children will love that too @MikiTanae

  • Hope you are enjoying the course @JeannetteMelendez

  • Hope you are enjoying the course @SusanMasters

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  • Yes @TracyUtting and very useful not to spend too much time looking for specific bricks!

  • Yes, it is important that facilitators and the children have the same terminology and share their strategies

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  • Yes @StephanieStavers LEGO Braille Bricks are great to discover sciences too!

  • Hope you are enjoying the course @TraceyCarter

  • Hope you are enjoying the course @SusanMasters