Olaoluwa Oluwapelumi

Olaoluwa Oluwapelumi

I am Oluwapelumi from Nigeria. I am a healthcare student.
I am an easygoing,friendly and straightforward person. I love learning and gaining new ideas.

Location Ondo state, Nigeria



  • I'm actually getting close to this

  • There is actually no bad food,only how we make use of it. I love this.

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  • I'm really looking forward to this course.

  • To me, a healthy and balanced diet makes us healthy in return and reduces our chance of falling sick.

  • This is a wonderful course. I loved and enjoyed it throughout. Thank you Futurelearn and EIT food.

  • Very good. I really enjoyed this week.

  • I usually notice it. Bold highlights would be particularly effective.

  • I'm familiar with all

  • It's nice joining this course.

  • Normally, I read all but when I'm in a haste, I check the expiry date and the nutritional informations.

  • WOW! Interesting.

  • These are excellent top tips and would be interesting to try out.

  • I'll try this out

  • I love James' tips.

  • I gained really lovely insights.

  • This is very enlightening.

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  • This is so informative.

  • This is helpful.

  • Absolutely.

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  • I've once had a panel interview before and I was really nervous at first but I got hold of myself later on. The experience was amazing and exciting.

  • Interesting. This is an eye opener. I'll reflect on this more.

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  • It's nice meeting you all

  • Hello. I'm excited about this course already and I hope it'd help me a lot.

  • It's nice joining this course.

  • This is a wonderful and great course.

  • I enjoyed week one.

  • This is a great course. I've started the change and will spread it out to my family, friends and others on food waste.

  • This course has been inspiring so far and I'm totally convinced that we all should work together to eliminate done waste.

  • I enjoyed this week.

  • I'm going to start a change by applying it myself and then enlightening my family about healthy diets as well as counselling my patients on healthy diet to improve their living conditions and reduce the occurrence of diseases especially NCDs.

  • When medical doctors follow these steps highlighted, they'll definitely become change makers because their diagnosis won't be only based on drugs but diet also which improves overall health.

  • This is helpful as it gave answers to my questions.

  • This is helpful as it have answers to my questions.

  • This is a great course.

  • This is a very helpful and wonderful course and I'm delighted to be a part of this course and also able to complete and have a certificate.
    Big THANKS to FutureLearn, EIT, our educators, tutors and everyone behind the success of this course.

  • Doctors need basic nutritional knowledge. It'd also be interesting to see an ideal office where a GP, nutritionist/dietitian and a psychologist would have sections in. If this is available everywhere, everyone would know that the link between health and food/nutrition is normal/ideal and would make patients care more about not only their health but their diet...