I am a teacher trainer at the Malaysian Teacher Education Institute, Penang Campus. I teach various English courses for the TESL programme in my institute.

Location Penang, Malaysia


  • I am an English teacher and I love using Jamboard. I love it that all the students are able to contribute without being intimidated. I find it effective tool in teaching many different areas of language learning. My most satisfying experience is getting the whole class to write supporting statements from a given topic sentence.

  • As head of department I have made efforts to get the lecturers in my department to collaborate through team teaching. It somehow failed.
    I learn that we cannot assume that people can naturally work together

  • A simple form yet a good way of making sure there is a good variety of learning styles. I am loving this course.
    We often only think about Writing Lesson Plant without first thinking of Learning Design.
    This is brilliant.

  • This will come very useful

  • Hi I am a teacher trainer in Malaysia. I am taking this course to learn more about blended learning. I am not far from retirement. I am facing a situation where I am feeling that I am not skilled enough to train teachers in a world that they live in and the world their students live in. I hope to learn from the experiences of this learning community .

  • I feel confident to embark on the project that has been set to me.
    I now feel I have access to the knowledge and skills that I need, to be able to put up a decent course for the project.
    Thank you so much for the enriching course.

  • I agree about simplicity. Some people might want to go through all the trouble of having to download certain apps/tools for short courses.

  • For a writing a script , I would need to spent a lot of time composing what i want to say so that I will be able to convey what I want to say. it is very important to choose appropriate language suitable for ESL listeners.
    I imagine i must also do a lot of practice so that I sound natural.
    I would need to view as many video as possible and write down...

  • Understood the fundamentals but will need more time to write the script.
    Thank you for all the tips

  • Google scholar will allow me to find scholarly articles and research based data to support the importance of 'reflection', which is what the course is about.
    TedEd will provide a variety of examples from a wide range of perspective so that we take into account our wide audience.
    Wordpress blog will be an excellent place for writing reflections.

  • This digital tool is so helpful. I often forget the available tools.
    I am a fan of google scholar and Padlet already. There are some new ones I will explore.
    Thanks so much

  • Clever way of summing up all the topics previously discussed.

  • At the end of the course, participants will be able to:
    1) Define the different levels of reflective thinking.
    2) Classify the 4 levels of reflective thinking.
    3) Analyse the different levels of reflective thinking.
    4) Formulate questions on the highest level of reflective thinking.

  • 1) Investigation
    Real documents of students' reflective writing on practicum

    2) Acquisition
    Levels of Reflective thinking

    3) Practise
    Write simple examples of the different levels of thinking based on a given scenario

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  • This part is somewhat overwhelming for me, but nonetheless I acknowledge its importance and usefulness.
    I just need time to digest all the information.
    The links will be very useful once I start to create the course I have in mind.

    Yup, second reading more comprehensible. ( reminder to me of how important to consider time and size of content)...

  • This is brilliant. Thanks so much

  • This is really helpful

  • Engaging the learners. The way you are doing by creating this community of practice where we share our experience and thoughts. :-)

  • With chunking, (Version 2) it gives an immediate attraction to the text with the sub-topics as guidepost.
    This is what I was expecting from this course: clear practical guidelines.
    Thank you

  • i bite size
    ii variety
    iii engaging
    iv community
    v less is more

    I think these are very good principles for any form of learning. Its true that our attention span is getting shorter.

  • All set!

  • This is really a useful exercise to practice in order to ensure your reader get the point you are driving at, or when you are giving instructions.
    I will surely use more of these available tools.
    Thanks for the recommendation.

  • Drivel tells you the number of words and sentences. Not sure how that is useful.
    Readable is much better as it as a readability score.

  • In what I am planning for teaching reflective thinking, in order to engage the students in active learning, I would try to attract them to samples of reflection which they would be able to identify with, such as ‘discipline problems’, ‘classroom management’ and lack of motivation.
    I would present different views of looking at the problems through them...

  • I chose group projects as through that you would have to engage in discussions and reflection.

  • My heart is beating fast at the sight of the word narrative!! I am a true believer in the power of narrative as a learning tool especially in teacher education.
    Bring it on!!

  • Thank you

  • I am creating a course on reflection for teacher trainees and trainers.
    I would like to challenge them to reflect on issues of power in the classroom. So through offering this course, I would like to encourage participants to redefine power and restructure their thinking about the teachers' power.

  • I am also alone in the task. I guess i will present my content to people of different backgrounds for comments and opinions.
    They might be able to recommend different views, or books to read.

  • Megan is an unmotivated teacher trainee. She did not choose to be in teacher education but somehow landed in this programme. She is highly motivated to learn English and would even contribute during class discussions. Her weakest point is submitting assignments on time. She seems to be somewhat matured in her thinking, compared to some of her classmates. There...

  • My target audience is teacher trainees. Almost all are comfortable with online learning as they have been doing it for almost 2 years. Hopefully they will be motivated to be involved in self-development.

  • We often overlook the human part of education. It is so important to try and understand who our partners/students are and where they are coming from.

  • An interesting use of the word 'persona'. I have only used this word in the context of literary studies. Interested to learn more.

  • Hi everyone , I am a teacher educator at the Penang Teacher Education Institute. I feel so unequipped when it comes to online learning. I have now been challenged to put up a course on an online platform and I want to make sure I put up one that meets the requirements and style of an online course. So I am really looking forward to learning from the experts...

  • MARIAH IBRAHIM made a comment

    This would be very helpful I am sure. Thanks

  • Hello everyone, I am a teacher educator from Penang, Malaysia. I have been asked to come up with one course for the IMPROVE open learning platform by ELTC , Malaysia, an organization I am linked to. I am hoping to learn as much as possible from this course to facilitate the task that has been assigned to me. I am also looking forward to share and learn from...

  • Bedankt. Not confident still to use the language, but so glad i can understand the dialogues and did well in the quizzes. The Uni of Groningen is on my 'places to visit' when I am in the Netherlands.

  • My partner is buying me an electric bike. I am so excited.

  • Sorry i am unable to upload. Will try again if i can get some technical help.

  • Dag! Mijn naam is Mariah. Ik woon in Malaisie. Ik ben een docent. Mijn huis heeft een kleine tuin. Ik houd van kaas en boterham. Ik eet rijst ook.

  • I posted a photo of a klomp.

  • @AMD just like English!

  • Very good explanation.. now to memorize which is de or het word !!

  • Malaysians eat rice and noodles on the daily basis. We have a wide selection of food as Malaysia is multi-racial. I also like Italian food. Mt partner who is Dutch keeps talking about Stampport. I cant wait to try it.

  • Dank je wel.

  • i want to visit Groningen!!

  • Hallo Ik ben uit Malaisie. Vandaag is zesentwintig augustus. Het is nu donderdag, Hier het is kwart voor vijf. Ik ben een leraar Engels. Ik leer twee weeken Nederlands. Ik drink koffie en thee.

  • I will have to get used to Hoi. It is a very rude way of greeting in Bahasa Malaysia, only used to call someone in a hostile situation. :-)
    Is doei similar to the Italian's ciao?

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    Yes I do feel some sense of achievement but the anxiety of a learner will always be there. Perhaps i am too anxious to master the language :-)
    I am thoroughly enjoying this course.

  • its a challenge to remember if one is a de or het word, but i guess i will learn over time. Thanks for the simple explanation

  • Studying the words in quizzlet really helped me to understand a large chunk of the conversation. having some problems still with numbers but still happy with my own progress.

  • I understand the second dialogue better than the first one. It is great to be able to make sense of the conversation. A great motivation for me to move on!!

  • Hello , ik kom uit Malaisie. Nu, veel regen elka dag. I woon in the UK when i was a student in the 80s. I houd van de vier seasons.

  • Looking forward to the twee week.

  • I might be missing some sense of humor here, but its not a typical university video. I would love to visit Groningen one day to see for myself and have a taste of the culture.

  • Dat is een goed idee. Ik vind het leuk. Bedankt.

  • Ja, beter!!

  • Hallo , Ik ben mariah, Mijn achternaam is Ibrahim. Ik kom uit Malaisie. Ik woon in Penang. Ik ben 56 jaar. Ik ben een leraar Engels. Mijn hobby is gardening.

  • Mijn naam is Mariah met een H aan het einde

  • Ik heb drie zons maar geen dochters :-)

  • Quizlet is very helpful. I really like that i allows us to keep trying until we get all the answers right.
    Thank you for using quizlet in this program.

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    Like most language learners, I really hope that one day I will be able to speak fluent Dutch. But happy for now that I can understand about 60% of content from the video. :-)

  • Hallo Arif. Ja ik woon en werk in Penang, Malasie. Looking forward to more conversations met jou

  • MARIAH IBRAHIM made a comment

    Hallo mijn naam is Mariah. Ik kom uit Malaysia, Mijn hobby is gardening and learning. Mijn partner is from Gronigen and I am so excited at the thought of speaking to him in Dutch. I have never been to the Netherlands but I am hoping to visit when the doors are open. I teach English at a teacher training institute in Penang, an island in the North of Peninsular...

  • I am excited to learn some Dutch from this course and I look forward to the online community I am going to be engaged with.