Noureddine DAIMALLAH


i'm psychologist

Location Morocco


  • hi, I am noureddine, I am a psychologist, i am from Morocco. i would like to say that i am here for learning and improve my soft skills. nice to meet every one of you.

  • hello, I'm Noureddine, I'm a psychologist and therapist from the kingdom Morocco. I'm interested in this course because I need to learn more about ADHD.

  • I'm noureddine, I'm a psychologist- therapist. so I would like to tell you that I'm interested in everything associated with humans and their health. I found this particular course interesting to me. thanks a lot

  • it is very interesting what you were saying.

  • hard work and discipline.

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    good evening from morocco. I'm noureddine I love to learn a new language. I choose this language because I'm a psychologist that's why I need it for more studying books about psychology and education.

  • @StephanieAdams, PhD yes of course I'm enjoying myself here.

  • hello, everyone here. I'm from morocco. I'm a health professional I'm interested in knowing more information about physical activity and its impact on brain health.

  • I'm a psychologist and therapist. I like to learn more things associated with psychology. so I found this course is very interesting.

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  • that's very interesting.thank you so much about it.

  • very interesting.

  • thank you so much, it was very useful

  • welcome.

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  • it's very very intersting.

  • good presentation

  • thank you, good presentation

  • hi, i m noureddine from morocco, i m psychologist and psychotherapist. i m interesting by this course because i need to understand the power of free play in childhood

  • good looking

  • thank you

  • the 10key steps are good

  • its means we need to have the ability to change or be chenged.

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  • thank you so much, looking forward

  • i prefer to use the emotions and logic in my dicision-making

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  • i will keep this information.

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  • good work

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  • you should be stay away frome the sun

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  • ADHD means to me more things. it's a topic from psychology than i need to learn more details about ADHD.
    i m working with children with special need * Autism, ADHD..

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  • good team, i like it.what a fantastic team§

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  • consult the doctor

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  • thank you.i'm ready

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  • don't smoke/ do more exercices

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  • mild : tolerable
    moderate : intense, deep ...
    severe : very intense, insurmountable

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  • did you feel onther pain

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  • let's go to do that.*...*

  • it motivante me

  • i'm confident

  • i like This description about the action plan.

  • i'm enjoying by Learning English

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  • i find it easy to understand.

  • well done, good conversation

  • never

  • i have a fatigue because hard work

  • good idea

  • i would choose to work in psychiatric departement because i'm clinical psychologist

  • MRI. healthcare special education

  • i visited so much a Hospital, than no thing happen with me.

  • thank you fot your new ideas

  • good morning every one
    I'm psychologist from morocco,
    we will be able to understand more things about hospital.
    thankful you for this is opportunity.