Marcus Liwicki

Marcus Liwicki

Marcus Liwicki is a chaired professor at Luleå University of Technology. His research interests include machine learning, pattern recognition, and applied AI

Location Luleå, Sweden


  • Interesting, it is quite similar to my previous comment (VIP list in emails and VIP-topics). The idea of outsourcing tasks to professionals who can do that is a nice addition I should consider more.

  • For me, the prioritization was the key; I have 200-500 incoming mails a day; I created a VIP mailbox where I decide who or which topics get in. By that, I can focus on the important things and maybe, sometimes, catch up communications I did not attend to for several weeks;

  • Sounds easy on a general level; but in practice it takes a lot of effort to do it in specific real cases.

  • reflect, confront, clarify (communication)

  • I tried a few times in the past, but after a few weeks turned back to normal...

  • Unfortunately, it is irregular. Sometimes there is a lot of garden work, etc., but sometimes there is nothing (Just walking a bit, but less than 30 min..)

  • Too many deadlines -> Restless
    Pressure from private factors -> frustrated

  • there is not one key; it is about:
    - open environment (everyone is allowed to say what they think)
    - positive spirit (assume the good and be good)
    - clear assignments
    - ...

  • That would be great, indeed. I guess there are some GDPR issues connected to that. But maybe some of us can share links to their videos on youtube... (I will not, unfortunately, since I do not have enought time, but you can see videos of me on youtube in general).

  • Hej,
    I am Marcus from Luleå University of Technology. After having heard about the great feedback this course got, I decided to follow it by myself for three reasons:
    1. to improve my own well-being situations
    2. to get experience in this course and then suggesting it to my colleagues
    3. to get inspiration how to improve my own courses in...

  • I want to find better ways how to cope with so many unsolved tasks but still wanting to have more spare time for myself (Especially during weekends)

  • AI can be used in so many other areas to add value in our lives. Thinking about document recognition, for example, it is now possible to just scan invoices with your mobile phone (with OCR) and the amount and reference numbers are correctly taken into the banking app.
    Early apps allow this to be done even for general taxi bills or any bill and invoice which...