Helen Lloyd

Helen Lloyd

Learning Specialist Sector Capability for Te Pū Tiaki Mana Taonga, The Association of Educators Beyond the Classroom in Aotearoa, based at Te Papa Tongarewa, The Museum of New Zealand.

Location New Zealand


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  • Thank you for sharing these special moments of inspiration related to learning through objects

  • that sounds like a great initiative well done

  • great goal, good luck!

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  • That's awesome to hear the impact Maria's video has had for you, and I'm sure she would welcome a visit! Great idea

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  • Yes im interested to see it unfold too, we will need to re-write this course!!

  • Thats a great goal Megan, good luck with this very important mahi

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  • your work with local iwi sounds great, are you able to share something more about what this entails for your fellow learners on the course?

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  • It will be featured on the Te Papa website under learning in the future once it is ready to be delivered to students!

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  • Kia ora Megan, welcome to the course! Your programme sounds amazing and I have mentioned it in one of the course articles, and directed learners to take a look at your website! I look forward to reading your comments and ideas

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  • Kia ora Danielle, the book 100 Amazing Tales from Te Papa https://www.tepapa.govt.nz/about/te-papa-press/books-about-te-papa/100-amazing-tales-aotearoa
    ... The TV series is a great show isnt it! Did you also see the book and associated teachers resources? I would be interested to know if you have made use of any of them?

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  • Its great to hear the different thoughts and actions that this week has sparked for you Danielle.

  • Thank you for your comments here Danielle. I agree the notion of keeping taonga warm and connected with people is something that really strikes a chord with me too. It opens up wider debate about how we think about the role of museums within communities too which is fantastic.

  • Good to hear you are finding the course interesting Rachel

  • Thank you for sharing that wonderful description of your encounter with an interesting object. It sounds like a powerful and memorable encounter. Id love to hear other stories from other learners on the course along these lines. Thank you also for providing the link. That's a great resource to share with others.

  • @SuzanneWoodgates commissioning local Māori artists and crafts people is a great idea if you have the budget to do so. There are then also added benefits of supporting local arts, forming relationships with makers, and gaining some objects that really fit a purpose, and come with an interesting provenance and story. It might also be possible to document the...

  • Kia ora Bev, good luck with your journey to find handling objects to support your learning programmes

  • That sounds like a great set of objects

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  • @DonnaMcPherson keeping a personal / professional journal can be a useful way to develop and record your reflective practice

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  • I'm glad you enjoyed this - I really loved listening to the audio description too. I'm sure there are lots of creative uses for this approach. Do you think you will try creating an audio description?

  • That's an admirable wero, do you have any examples?

  • What a fantastic list. This is great Tamsin

  • Thank you Bev yes I'm sure other learners would like to see your online presentations