Emily Smith (Mentor)


I am an Employability Project Assistant at The University of Sheffield Careers service. My role incorporates projects that help students from disadvantaged backgrounds enhance their employability.


  • Hi Alejandra. Thank you for your question - You should state your qualifications and grades you received in Colombia.

  • Welcome, Kelly :)

  • Congratulations on making the first step, Sofia!

  • Welcome to week 1 everyone! This course will help you write applications whether it is for a job, a course or anything else you may be applying for. Whilst you work your way through this course, I am here to help you. You will find comments from me on each week where you can leave feedback and ask any questions you may have. I encourage you to ask anything you...

  • That is the end of this course! I hope you have found it beneficial for writing applications - Good luck moving forward. If you have any comments or feedback about the course then please reply to this comment :)

    Also, why not check out our other course on How to succeed at: Interviews?

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  • What an amazing example, Geoffrey!

  • Welcome to week 3 of How to succeed at: Writing applications. I hope you have find the course useful so far. Ask any questions you have about the course here :)

  • Great suggestions for improving this CV, everyone!

  • Hi Abraham - Great question! I would suggest trying to keep it concise by adding what you feel is the most relevant to a specific job and best demonstrates the skills that the employer is looking for. Hope this helps!

  • Hello everyone! Welcome to week 2 - how are you finding the course? Comment under here to give feedback or ask any questions. I am here to help you throughout this course :)

  • Hello everyone :)

    I hope you enjoyed Week 1 of this course and are looking forward to starting Week 2.

  • Hi Stephen - Sorry you have had this experience when going to an interview. It might be useful for you to provide some feedback to this employer about how they prepare their candidates for the interview process. Employers when inviting you to an interview should always describe the process and tasks you will be doing.

  • Hi Salwa - Even if it isn't advanced skills you are transferring, there will be other skills you can mention from working with others, punctuality, organisation, interpersonal skills and many more!

  • Definitely! That is great experience :)

  • Amazing, Rachel!

  • Hi Iawan! Yes - You can work through the course week by week to help you with this. Also, you can refer specifically to Understanding jobs and courses in Week 1 and all of Week 3 - Application forms and personal statements. Best of luck!

  • Hello everyone! I am an Employability project assistant within the Careers service at The University of Sheffield and I am the mentor for this course :)

    I hope you get on well in Week 1 of How to Succeed at: Writing applications. Any questions you have please post them here.