Jonathan Goodhand

Jonathan Goodhand

I'm Professor of Conflict and Development Studies at SOAS. My research focuses on conflict, illicit economies, post-war transitions and borderlands. I lead the Drugs & (dis)order project.

Location London UK


  • Thanks Andrew -- glad you enjoyed it and found it useful and thanks for taking the course

  • thanks Nancy good to have a SOAS student registered! Yes Nangarhar is compelling example of the limitations of coercive supply side approaches -- they rarely lead to sustainable decreases in production and they immiserate the most vulnerable -- ultimately creating the conditions for a significant rebound in drug production and markets.

  • Thanks v much Sadruddin, it's great to have you on the course, particularly with you deep experience of AD programmes. I hope the Afghan case studies resonate with your own experience as well as adding new insights and perspectives. As you'll see also in Myanmar and Colombia, they have experienced sets of problems related to AD, though it's also interesting...

  • Thanks v much for this Mel Deo, you capture, in a nutshell, many of the themes you'll be exploring on the course, central to which is a borderland perspective. By this we mean trying to capture and better understand the perspectives of those living on the margins who are involved with illicit drugs. Only then can we move towards more people-centred and...

  • Great to hear from you and we hope that the course meets your expectations and helps you progress towards further research! Jonathan