Etner Bassal

Etner Bassal

Archaeologist-Forensic Anthropologist

Location Canada



  • Aced the quiz. I think with experience, estimation of human remain without feel and touch can still be most likely accurate, but as a beginner, physical presence is most ideal.

  • My name is Etner Bassal, Forensic Archaeologist Anthropologist. I personally feel methods and techniques such as facial constructions are crucial during examination or determination of human skeletal remains so as to give a full description of the individual. I had to embark on a more detailed course to enrich my knowledge.

  • What are your motivations for doing the course?
    I have always been passionate about Forensic archaeology and anthropology. I'm currently a consulting archaeologist who is looking forward to enriching her experience more in the field of forensics.

    What do you want to gain from the course?
    I wan to learn a lot about forensic anthropology and also dealing...

  • Hello everyone. Im Etner from Botswana a consulting archaeologist looking to aspire in the field of forensic anthropology.