Ram Maghenthar

Ram Maghenthar

i am Electrical Enginner by professional.Long term Invester in stock Market. Like to Upgrade My skills So I am here

Location India


  • This Americans Life
    talks about Men and Women Inequality happened in somewhere olden days. Salary was also equally provided to Ladies and Gents Eventhough Skill Matches between them.
    talks about Womens getting treated by police people. Police people choked the women on head with plastic sticks.
    talks about demogratics...

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    I need a lot of Practice for this module looks like true.

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    The graph shows the percentage of male and female academic staff members across the faculties of a major university in 2012.
    In this university there is Arts,business,Education Engineering ,Medicine and Science departments are available.. Overall major of the departments male number of staff counts are higher than female staffs...

  • n 2024, the two existing buildings will be joined together. In addition the sports field will be reduced in size and relocated south of its original location. The area previously used for the sports field will be converted into an additional car park, linked by a new road to the existing car park.

  • I believe short and clear version of expression is ok

  • The Chart shows percentage of paper and cardboard, glass containers, aluminium cans, and plastics that people recycled in a particular country in between 1982 to 2010

  • Keep working through the next steps and we'll show you how to develop your writing :)

  • Keep it up. Please spend minimum 40 minutes per day in pracitice

  • Great Move an Inch per day

  • I need to develop a lot all area

  • Is this for Academic or General test. For General how it is getting measured. I think would be same

  • I am ready. How to measure my progress

  • Hello, I am taking this course because I am preparing for Canada PR and improve English Conversation with my son

  • I write To do list and Diary of what I am thinking

  • Interactiveness and Idea sharing approach in this course is Excellent

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    I need practice for section 3 and 4 more any hlp please?

  • I got 32 out of 40. Section 3 and 4 feels hard. Still need more practice. But Course is finishing. Not sure where can i get more practice

  • Do we have possiblity to choose Computer based or Paper Based? looks like it is depends on available choices in Local Center. I am staying in Wichita,Kansas USA. As I understand in my locality center has Only Paper based is available? Not sure how to choose on what basis?

  • Same to me. Along with that I need to develop my vocabulary to get correct ward relating to answer

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    I think mixed of mind map and linear would be easy for me

  • But Still I am Expecting bit more from this training. Feels like 2 week session finished Quickly. I may need to attend Multiple time to digest more the contents of this training? What is your Opinion Team?

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    Can you somebody help me to understand Zoneout means in IELTS listening in simple terms please?

  • Agreed 100%

  • My concept is 1. focus question first and guess the answer 2.Listen Audio try to get answer from it. 3. If not so just update the Answer want you think so

  • I agree with you along with that If we don't know answer guess and fill the Answer. No Negative Marking in IELTS

  • It was too difficult to me. After listening multiple times I could not figure out the answers. After watching Audio transcript I could some answers. what to do to perform better? While listening Audio if I try to note Answers I am missing Audio. If I do answering after listening I am unable to Manipulate all in mind and unable find sequence? Any idea to...

  • I got all are correct After practicing 4 time

  • Tricky Phrases May Kill us. Like "Yep" in American English

  • More 4 questions I am unable to follow Audio. Help please

  • This wasn't easy for me. I got confused after she turned left to the Café. After that I am got direction less either I need to follow questions or audio sequence. My idea is need to go behind audio and then match it with Questions and try to answer them.

  • I feel it is too difficult for me

  • it is about Cricket . Types 20-20 one day internationl and test match types they explained about

  • End up in theatre

  • Walk forward on bond street towards Roundana then turn left side on king's Road walk around left side and in theater you can see Cinema

  • Without Google map it is impossible for me to find route in US here for me. I will use both Audio as well as video to find direction. If my mobile didnot work I will keep car aside and come by UBER

  • It was very difficult to me eventhough more number of time I listened the audio. May repeated Practice would help me

  • I got 5/10. I missed to read Questions throughly

  • I found all correct except Overall condition of the dressing table

  • Instead Keyword I put Academic Journal. Its looks like 50% answer right. I need to practice More

  • My answers are 1Acadmeic Journal final draft copyright form

  • Simmons
    Oceans drive
    24 months Plan

  • in audio address and current plan first says Wrong Answer. Next Right Answer isn't?

  • I find second sample is more difficult for me. I am facing bit problem to remember names of persons and objects. Any guidence to recall names

  • I am able to respond to British Accent a bit. Since I am in America I am learning American Accent too. I know it is Never Ending story

  • Still I feel listening is bit tough to me. If opponent speaks fastly it is hard for me to understand. I would ask them to repeat it. I know it may tricky. but not sure how to handle the situation where I can't ask them to repeat.

  • Hi all
    I am praying God for all people who is trying for IELTS to get their expected score

  • Hi My Native is India. I am taking this course for Canada PR process

  • Hi I am Excited to join this IELTS course