Dr Sara Calvo

Dr Sara Calvo

Expert in Sustainability and Social Enterprise. She is the co-founder of Minca Ventures Ltd, a certified coach and has experience providing consultancy services for social businesses across the globe.

Location United Kingdom


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  • They can solve but always important to connect with others and work in collaborations

  • There are no current studies that look at this, but it is pretty much the same as with mainstream entrepreneurs.

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  • Very interesting comment. There is a book that you would like to read 'Prosperity Without Grow' by Tim Jackson.

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  • Hi I'm Sara, a Lecturer in Social Enterprise at Middlesex University, UK. In 2012, I co-founded Living in Minca, an organisation that promotes and supports social enterprises around the world. With Living in Minca, we have produced several mini-documentaries about social enterprises in different countries such as Sri Lanka, Colombia, Iceland, etc....