Demir Aykut Akangol

Demir Aykut Akangol

32, Linguist

Location Istanbul / TURKEY


  • The verb we use for 'to translate' in Turkish is 'çevirmek' which literally means to turn, change to or switch to.. These are just a few of the many other meanings of the verb in Turkish. It is really interesting to see how do we use physical actions/motions defining other things. It's so exciting to see what's behind the curtain and how a language evolves in...

  • Hi everyone. This is Demir from Turkey. I live in Istanbul. I am a philologist holding a bachelor's degree on Classical studies specialized on Ancient Greek language. I also teach Turkish for foreigners. Highly interested in translation and i'm super excited for this course.

  • Hey Tom, I'm glad to hear it. I will consider that for the next attempt. Thanks a lot!

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    Another unexpectedly great and inspiring week. I liked the technique pixilation and marvellous works of Dougal. I got interesting ideas and wrote down already on my notebook. Great course with great hosts and their magical works. Thanks for inspiring us!

  • It seems to me that they have been used green screen technique and 3D animations to bring t-shirts life. Well, I can only say that I love it! I haven't seen it before. I always like adverts of IKEA but here it's something really very specific Dougal brings into the project.

  • It is clearly visible that this project costs a lot, takes long time and effort to do. But in the end you can see it's very unique something. Great job!

  • Stop motion technique used in the project which I love it. Hard working but very detailed and very well done.

  • Thanks Sharon

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    At first sight of this course I was more interested in stop motion as we focus in week 1 because it is more traditional but as I see it in week 2 that 2D or cell animation has a lot traditional process which I love! I like very much the movie of the week "Sleeping with the fishes". It has strongly inspired me and made me thinking of different ideas.
    Thanks a...

  • Hey Carol, I am glad you like it. I shot it on iPad with purchased animate it app and I added music on cameo app.

  • So realistic!! Keep it up!

  • So here is my second try of a short slow motion. This one fortunately longer than previous one. I used a small figure made of wire which I got it from South Africa. I just got an idea of a story ( which you will see as short description below the video on YouTube) and it took me about two hours to make it all. I enjoyed the process a lot. Hope you like it!! I...

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    I really enjoyed the first week of the course explore animation. I like more that the course is focusing on practice more than boring theory stuff and the suggestions from inspiring people are great. Thanks!!

  • Here is my super short first try of stop motion. I made it with my volkswagen toy in 5 min just to see how does animate it app work. Well, I can say that I'm in love with it.

  • Animation is a unique way of bringing your imagination into reality. as John Lennon says; "imagine!"

  • Of course I remember many cartoons which I was hypnotised while I was watching. But I can say that Tim Burton's stop-motions were inspiring me most. Especially the stop-motion scenes of the great movie Beetle Juice.

  • Old school effects are making the movie is more than a movie. One of my favorite movie "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" brings all the crazy fantastic ideas to the screen with old school effects which makes everything more real even if they are fantasies. So Michel Gondry is a Guru of old school effects of our time in my opinion.

  • Thanks for the recommendation. Impressive movie!

  • I just watched it. Such a good idea and professional work. I like the actor's performance too. Thanks for recommending!

  • I decided to choose a movie of this year which i like it very much is "Mad Max: Fury Road"
    I picked John Seale as he is the director of photography of the movie. I found out that he worked in many movies i like them very much. He is nominated for so many awards and won an oscar with his work "English Patient". So if we talk about career he has such a great...

  • Hello,
    First of all to answer the question "why am i here?"
    I am here to make a step for learning something interesting for me and trying to find the inspiration in me. The most interesting point of this course is being with people from all around the world. I have been on scene several time as a performer in some short movies, tv advertisements, mini tv...

  • Hi everyone!
    This is Demir from Turkey. I am pretty excited about this course as it is my first course in future learn. It's such a great feeling to keep in touch with people all around the world and share your interest.