Julius Geofrey Okongo

Julius Geofrey Okongo

I am a self-driven project manager with 4 years of experience in implementing NGO programmes and development agendas in Uganda.

Location Uganda, East Africa


  • I am really familiar with the following safeguarding standards and uses them for Deaf Children cases support and advocacy referral purposes here in Uganda.

    1. The United Nation Convention on Rights of Person with Disabilities (UNCRPD).

    2. African Charter on the rights and welfare of Children (ACRW)

  • To me safeguarding mean to protect any person whether a child, an adult or an elder from abuse and harm such as physical beatings, emotional exchange of bad words, sexually abuse like rape and neglect such deny a child food yet it a human right for everyone. To prevent this, we refer ourselves to read safeguarding policy, brief everyone working with the...

  • I like the video mostly, it surely a deaf friendly resource easy to understand with captions. Thanks for this.

  • I already have basic knowledge about the difference forms of child safeguarding, how to identify raising cases, reporting plus follow up and referrals including training skills for staff and volunteers. I also managed to review safeguarding policy for our organization.

  • I work with a community where deaf children are physically, sexually, emotionally and neglected by their parents, relatives, friends and the community members where they live. It from this background am motivated to take this course so that I can take full responsibility to identify, report and manage child safeguarding cases effectively. I want to learn more...

  • Happy with the information.

  • Happily following through step by step.