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    It was great and informative session and of course would like to get help in future.

    Excitedly looking forward to start code club

  • Teaching coding and help kids to achieve their dreams and also be confident in this competitive world.

    To help children to explore their creativity etc

  • Thank you

  • Very nice

    A great idea to spread coding

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    Yes correct
    Thank you

  • Ok thank you

  • Thank you

  • Thank you for throwing light on these sensitive issues

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    Yes a good idea

  • All the methods can be used.

    The coder of the week can present the project before the club

  • 1. Felt happy

    2. Yes

    3. Learnt that we need to another time in a different way

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    Club rules help kids to give space for every member of the club to come up with their own ideas and also it helps facilitators assist all kids

  • Having a Code club bullietin wall and making the club wall attractive by using the prints of the projects with they have created.

  • Sure

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    Thank you

  • Tips ate good and appropriate for managing kids of all ages

  • 1. To sit together and check their partners, if they have doubts instructing them to try experimenting

  • Introduction of the facilitator and the code club and also the routine of the code club

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    Yes a good idea

  • Thank you

  • By this we understand that we have to create a free learning environment for kids and allow them to explore their creativity.
    Encourage children to create projects to wish their family n friends on different events and occasions

  • First we will start with scratch and then implement other languages

  • One project per week will help us to train students effectively and also there is a scope for them to use their creativity to improvise the projects.

  • The code club and Raspberry pie have taken a great step in make teaching and learning coding easier and in a systematic environment.
    Thank you

  • 1.It helped to have social interaction.
    2.learnt skills to solve real life problems
    3.yes it had a great impact

  • Okay thank you

  • Thank you maam

  • Great learning

  • Good information. I can plan appropriately and accordingly .

  • Good and informative

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    Will adhere to safeguarding guidelines and give good learning environment for children

  • I would like to start with a group of 10 students

  • It's informative and helps us to well

  • Sounds good and the registration has been done.

    Looking forward to learn

  • I'm excited to learn code skills and also will be looking forward to take up coding projects as part of the course.

    I am glad to share and facilitate my students with the same

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    It's a great opportunity for schools and children to learn and explore a new skill through which they can achieve their aims

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    Hello all I am Veena K S.
    I am faculty joining this course to run a code club in the school. Want to know who to implement code club. Allocating 2 hrs a day to complete the course

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    A faculty from Brite Educational Institution. Interested to run a code club in our school.