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I'm a writer, currently on my B.A program.

Location I'm a Nigerian, from Ekiti State. I believe in Jesus Christ the Son of God.


  • Ariyo Olanike made a comment

    Thank You so much.
    It was a great time with Dr. Rob and Dr. Mary.
    Thank for the opportunity.

  • I love everything about the course

    Thank you Mary and Rob

  • I will separate them
    I will put two or more different languages speakers together then give them an assessment according a great mark to it.
    Either way, they must cooperate.

  • As a teacher, just be fair!

  • It can cause the learning environment to over competitive and toxic.
    Students will tend to be biased even teachers if care is not taken.

  • yes
    I love the idea.
    As a teacher, classroom management is very important, and to get the students to obey, you need to outline a series of rules for them to obey.

  • I haven't taken all this not clear consideration.
    ''We are all individuals''

  • Okay,
    I sometimes form groups for them but not all the time.
    I sincerely love Rob's idea and imagine using the ideas already.

  • It is absolutely wrong.

    You can only speak when spoken to or when given the opportunity.

  • I will make them fall in love with the subject even when using English as medium of communication.

  • As a teacher, the most important thing to do is to get mastery of your subject.

  • Well,
    I'm use anecdotes a lot because most times, I start teaching using story telling method.

  • Yes, I like using topic sentences a lot.

    2. Giving them a series of assignments and dividing them into groups and subgroups.

  • The second text is more understandable.

  • 1. For my students; the choice of words, checking their understanding.
    And if I'm unable to finish up, we continue the next class.

    seriously don't what do to pace up. I want to learn.

  • I dont think so

  • He should maintain calmness, prepare before.

  • 1.I gesture from one end to the other end, most times, I walked through the students chairs.


  • okay, The environment influence my teaching including my instructional materials.

    Yes, I keep eye contact while teaching. For me, I do this to keep them focus and to be sure if they are learning or not

  • This week lessons was great

  • Using humour in the class is good but limit needs to be set!

  • My advice:

    Have a good knowledge about your subject, and be confident.

  • I don't think anything is wrong with what he did.
    He just adjusted to suit the situation

  • I noticed this a lot and I kept correcting them(my students)
    So, I thought them IPA(International phonetic Alphabet) and transcription.
    With this, every single word pronounced wrongly can be self checked

  • Sometimes I talked flat and slow and sometimes very fast
    it all depends on the numbers of students in the lecture hall.
    The way I speak to 10 students is not the same to 20 students.

  • wow
    I learnt!
    my resources has always been textbooks, materials and my Oxford dictionary.
    Reading through the comment, I saw websites which are helpful and I'm grateful for them.

  • Thank you for sharing

  • Thank you for sharing

  • Very true, it takes longer time to learn simple grammatical rules.
    Students learning tenses over and over again and some can only write correctly.

  • Well,
    'I feel' is often sentimental base on emotions. while
    'I think' is on logical reasoning.

  • I hope to Learn new methods of delivering and enhancing a better proficiency in English.

  • I learned greatly this week
    the week lectures was useful.

  • First, the way I deliver as a teacher is determined by my learner
    Their levels in English communication, then, find a suitable teaching methods for them

    yeah, we are good to go

  • Yes
    it will work
    English is a general acceptable formal form of communication here.
    so the struggle will reduce

  • I love accuracy in language.
    For effective communication, clarity in the place of accuracy; that is when the communicator says a thing, the receiver wont take it for the other.
    As an English teacher, accepting every self morphological words(all varieties) is wrong.
    English is an international language whether as EMI, ELF and the likes. Hence, accuracy is...

  • Hundred percent agree with Rob!

  • I think every teacher has experienced this one way or the other.
    But what I wont tolerate is disrespect.
    yeah, I'm still the teacher.
    Thank you for the advice Dr.Kristina

  • Nigeria
    Bristish English

    Depends on dialect and idiolect

  • I encourage my students to communicate like native English speakers.
    Here in Nigeria, interference of our mother tongue has greatly influenced our English speaking ability.
    Sometimes, we tends to add and subtract English words for our own convenience.
    For excellence, I urge them to speak like a native speaker and to enhance effective communication.

  • ELF obviously gave birth to EMI
    The implications include pronunciations, the use of grammar, and a lot more.

  • 1. As an instructor,
    my priority is getting better at speaking(diction), writing.
    2. Ability to successfully pass the knowledge to my students without any inch
    3. Already learning here and reading more materials.

  • I agree with Dr. Kristina Hultgren. EMI creates networking beyond borders, that is it serves a relevant purpose of speaking with even strangers.
    Yeah, EMI is usefully helping me in conversing here.