Moses Luutu Nsubuga

Moses Luutu Nsubuga

Biomedical Scientist at the Makerere University Biomedical Research Centre, Uganda. Interested in EvoDevo. My goal in life is to gain a better understanding of the human body.

Location Makerere BioMedical Research Centre - Uganda


  • The articles in this open access Special issue: Ethics and sharing individual-level health research data from low and middle-income settings can give you further information on data sharing best practices.

  • Thank you @NDAHAFAFRANS for sharing your experience; would you like to elaborate on other issues you encountered? Perhaps your colleagues would like to share any other difficulties they encountered.

  • @FolasadeBamidele Here is more information on Inactivation of SARS-CoV-2 specimens rendering the samples safe while preserving RNA integrity for downstream steps. Both refer to SARSCoV-2 but can be extended to other viruses.