Dasi Moodley

Dasi Moodley

Experience: Travelled to over 600 sites of ancient antiquity, answered the questions of why we are on this planet at this time. Education: B. Econ; MBA; HDip Tax Law; Adult Education = Uni. Cape Town

Location Durban, South Africa.



  • Hello Learners

    I am from Durban, South Africa. I retired 20 years ago and now I am totally bored.

    So I do MOOCs to pass the time.

  • No one will understand you if you use, 1700 words that you made up!

  • Ackward

  • Ackward

  • How is it that Dadaism is NOT mentioned in this Art course?

    The true heroes of the first WW were the Dadaists!

  • Then there was the brutal Anglo Boer War where Boer women and children were deliberately starved in the first Concentration Camps (invented by the British and copied by the Nazis).

    The Boers too, hated the English and the English language.

  • I propose:

    that the end of EModE was NOT English going global because the Great British Empire was established where the sun never sets.

    Then it must be the brutal American War of Independence! The Americans hated the the British so much that they refused to follow its education (many colonies still follow it); refused to play its sports (basketball,...

  • Stand not upon the order of your going but go at once

  • Stand not upon the order of your going but go at once

  • Stand not upon the order of your going but go at once

  • Wow! I want to learn from you!

  • Apartheid education forced us to learn Afrikaans (the language of the racist white minority oppressor) and oddly enough, Shakespeare!

    So I hated both and failed both.

  • Hahahaha!

  • I wanyed you to give him my regards.

  • When He writes you a sonnet he loves you!

    When He writes 300 sonnets, he loves sonnets?

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    "Stand not upon the order of your going but go at once"

    on a WW1 propaganda poster forcing young men to enlist and fight to their deaths.

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    It's all propaganda!

  • Dadaism was the Art movement of artists so disgusted with war that they deconstructed their subjects, in every medium, to a few basic elements.

  • I now understand the desire to be a hero! And as a South African who fought Apartheid, I can state that this is a white male (Caucasian) cultural. The history of literature created the formula for the struggle to achieve the status of a hero. In fact when there were no wars, comic superheroes filled the minds of young mens' heroic awe? The analogies are...

  • Soldiers don't know what happens in the war rooms and boardrooms long before?

    Today, on the golf courses and clubs and cables and emails. That is why Julian Assange and WikiLeaks is so important for democracy and freedom of information.

    Politicians are elected every four years so they merely rent their powerful office. The landlords are the military...

  • @PeteB The People should demand a poster of the government social benefits, veterans' pensions; life policy, funeral policy, medical aid, etc etc. Be placed next to every enlisting poster.

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    The People should demand a poster of the government social benefits, veterans' pensions; life policy, funeral policy, medical aid, etc etc. Be placed next to every enlisting poster.

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    The abhorrence of Artists to the WW1 can be found in Dadaism. An art movement.

  • Isn't it telling that the massive corpus of evidence and research, in decades of war, the litany of victims testimony, that PTSD was only diagnosed as a disease soooo much later?

    This clearly points to the scientific iffyness of the academic disciples of Psychology and Psychiatry!!!

  • In the 70s and 80s in Apartheid South Africa, victims of police arrest and torture were visibly traumatised long after they were released. Our communities said they were shell shocked.

    When I took a decision to join the struggle, full time and leaving behind my university bursary, my family and community called me shell shocked!

    So colloquially, shell...

  • @TravisThieme the BB is an explosion in time and space as well as matter/mass and energy. The linear depiction highlighting just Time is unfortunate?

    Better a circular depiction where each circle describes an epoch in time (e.g. Inflation) will do more justice to the description of mass; energy and space?

    Also, it looks like an explosion.

  • @Andrew***redacted*** fantastic description of space expanding. I also do not like the BB depicted in a single quadrant of an X Y axis!

  • @EduardoRomani why can't it be shown in a circle rather than a one quadrant population of an X Y axis?

  • @NickCharlton that assumes that there was nowhere one second before the BB?

  • @JohnUrquhart I want to know who's blowing the balloon?

  • ...Continued

    On the 16 June 1976 all pupils walked at 10am. and took to the streets with posters and banners made from their bedsheets. Everyone was surprised. Parents, teachers, leaders, churches, police, Intelligence Agencies, spies, new Nothing. Everyone was taken by surprise!

    The police, army, tanks and helicopter gunshios were deployed. In the...

  • 1976 was a pivotal year for youth in many countries. Thatcherism in the UK and Reaganomics in the USA might have been the catalysts to spur youth revolution?

    I can only speak of Apartheid South Africa and the pupil (primary school) revolution of 16 June 1976. The background is that a minority of racist whites violently oppressed theajority of Blacks. Our...

  • Why does inflation occur only in the direction of East and not North, West and South?

    Explosions do not behave like that?

  • @TravisThieme but isn't the expansion going at an increasing rate?

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    Hubble's Redshift

  • 1. Tamil Indian

    2. The moon is a halfway station where your soul goes, when you die. Then you reincarnate into a new embryo.

    3. We kniw the moon is barren. A NASA crashed satellite into the moon produced a ringing sound (like a bell) proving the moon is probably hollow.

    This belief by the Tamils forms part of the larger belief in the Laws of Karma...

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    And the answer is 42.

  • A year is when the Earth completes one orbit of our Sun.

    A Great Year (Plato) is Precession 26 500 years when the Earth completes one ellipse because of the 20 degree woble on its axis. This cycle was user by the ancient Indians whi divided it up in Yugas or Ages. Generally ages of darkness and ages of light or enlightenment. Currently, we are exiting the...

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    Thank you

  • So no need for cocaine to pay attention when light emitting device fulfills all the qualities required?

  • I was a library person. Setting open all the books in my hypothesis, on the huge table, around me. Labelled with Post Its, I would write up my paper removing Post Its and stacking up the books.

    Now my cellphone is all I need. I can work anywhere. My bibliography is beyond the library. Waiting in the car for my girlfriend is a welcome break.

    I am doing...