Willie Stewart

Willie Stewart

Consultant Neuropathologist, Glasgow and Honorary Professor, University of Glasgow and University of Pennsylvania. Engaged in multiple research programs exploring outcomes of traumatic brain injury

Location Glasgow, UK


  • These are good observations Gary. And for this reason we prefer to refer to traumatic brain injury related neurodegeneration (TReND), which encompasses a broad range of pathologies and outcomes, one of which is the specific pathology and dementia of CTE

  • Echo Stephanie here Antje - great advice.

  • These are very good suggestions Mariane. Importantly, while headgear sounds intuitive, research evidence suggests sports headgear doesn't really provide effective protection from typical sports head injuries - if anything, some studies suggest risk of injury might even go up in players wearing headgear. Better approach is to avoid unnecessary head impacts as...

  • I cycle during the week to get to and from work and at the weekends as a hobby. Every time I get on the bike I am reminded I need to lose weight.

  • Keep it up. And maybe you could use your newfound knowledge on brain health and physical activity to become a physical activity ambassador at work - could begin with a lunchtime walking group; encourage colleagues to take the stairs rather than the lift.....

  • This is well observed Brian - FIELD demonstrated former professional footballers had lower levels of heart disease and some cancers, which might contribute to living longer and so reaching ages where dementia grater risk. Recognizing this, we adjusted the mortality data to factor in the competing risks of lower heart disease and cancer - in effect adjusting...