Godfred Oduro

Godfred  Oduro

I am the Founder and Executive Director of Thalassemia Foundation Ghana. I love advocacy work, research and educating others on Rare Diseases

Location Ghana


  • Thalassemia Foundation Ghana has been creating awareness of Thalassemia as rare disease in Ghana. Those whose genotype are AA are mostly affected since some of them carry Thalassemia traits.

  • Thanks for this information. A lot need to be done on it.

  • How real is rare disease in Africa. Some rare diseases are misdiagnosed causing patient and the family the pain to even know what pertain to them

  • Thalassemia is rare in Ghana and even not diagnosed. Concentration has on sickle cell disease but it is related. About 8 out of 10 people carry Thalassemia traits in Ghana. This is one of the reasons I established Thalassemia Foundation to make people aware of it existance.

  • It really sad when certain disorders are diagnosed or diagnosed wrongly