Paul Munro

Paul Munro

I am a Lecturer in Environmental Humanities at the University of New South Wales. My research is situated within the fields of political ecology and environmental history.

Location UNSW Australia


  • Hi Gabriela,

    No problems graphs and poll data is not for everyone. You're right, we can never fully escape our 'human-ness' and it is perhaps debatable if that even should be the objective. I think you might find article by Tim Hayward useful and interesting:

    Where is discusses what is...

  • Hi Lesley,
    I don’t think I would want to “deal” with anyone, or prescribe to anyone to adopt a certain perspective about the environment. In many ways, I think we would like this to be a safe space for people to express different opinions and ideas (in a polite manner of course).

    For me at least, I think I better approach is to say that we want to...

  • Hi Dave,

    I think you are the second person to mention 'Silent Spring' as being very influential in their life. This is really interesting. The book is often quoted as being a seminal text which helped to spark a new environmental movement which emerged in the 1960s and 1970s (including at least two people, it would seem, in this course).

    For those...

  • Hi Susanne,

    A really interesting comment. The poll was meant to roughly show how people can care about/perceive the environment from a number of different view points. There was no relative moral framing in terms of the answers (i.e., you are not a better person because your response was more ecocentric). Although it is interesting that you interpreted it...