I have a master degree in social science researching, I need to develop my English profeciency to reach my aims for entering to the Ph.D. position at well-prestigeous university. Have fun

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  • The validity and reliability of our tools to gather the data is the first and most challenge in every same case.

  • My field of study and experiences is "social researching"; however I have found lots of new terms in this conceptualization...

  • In this general situation, a question could be :
    - Which type of events are the three most popular one?

    As some KPIs, there are :
    - the results of other event holders in our district/ among our ethnicity in other district/ etc. (external bench markers)
    - the results of our previous performances in such field in same time/ same district/ etc. (internal...

  • - I think defining some long term and short term strategies could be crucial in analytics. Then, some regulators or soft wares could be brought up which make our long term reviews easier.
    - There are lots of information needs for: from the number of sold headphones ... to the content analysis of our (and other rivals') recieved feedbacks.

  • I think that the presented five objects have some overlabs and the categorisation is not completely logic. Is there any one else?

  • Finding usefull measurments to apply in digital analytics is in my priority.

  • Clarifying the "analysis target" is a key activity at first stage... could any one explain how (and by who) that process would start and run?

  • I think the predictive side of the skill needs more creativity rather than validity and reliability.

  • This is Mehdi come from Iran who wants to learn the way of using his statistic and research knowledges to apply in digital world...

  • 3) To acheive the first and second goals, Linked-in seems to be appropriate; and Linked-in & Facebook could help for the third goal

    4) Sharing photes (with descriptions on) and articles, broughting up questions and challenges, sending friend request through Linked-in. Furthermore, through Facebook, sharing Clips would be beneficial.

    5) As a key...

  • MEHDI POURGHASEMI made a comment

    1) The brand that I hope to oromote by social media is "Anexiety & Uncertainty in Nonverbal Intercultural Interaction"
    The predicted goals in this stage are:
    - Introducing that title as a new interdeciplinary field.
    - finding and cooperating with other activists in its mother deciplines.
    - sharing findings to make the field more applicable

    2) The...

  • Find a way to be more effectively

  • One key challenge in this stage is between "repeatation" and "target group expectation. Could you help more with this regards?

  • A question:
    In cases of some general objects, could it be possible that the capabilities of media lead a strategist to define the target group?

  • As the latest Brand which I am listening about right now, "Meet Elitsa" could be mentioned to. This coursepage is the media which be used to introduce her...

  • Hello everyone, through this course I would really like to catch something more about Nonverbal signs, their applications and tricks in social media.

  • I think that begining point to solve such a problem is familarity with stakeholders and connecting them to achiev some more beneficial, practical offers ... not bringing up an offer like "plastic washing up"!

  • upgrading stakeholders knowledge on benefits and demerits is a way of making the changes longer.

  • as a matter of fact, it would be much better if we considered that process as spiral and not circular; because its obvious that the process is certainly progressive.

  • every society is like an ecoystem which all its elements connected to the others and the isulation of stakeholders is a sign of shortcoming.

  • I am relly worried about the rapid population changes in my home country which has been occured following a drastic immgration by youngesters in Iran

  • with such fluctuation in some group`s identity, can we still use the concept of European identity? West/East, South/North, member of Eu or Not and so forth.
    is not there the time to be more tolerant to present definitions on the culture and identity?

  • I would say a couple of things I think they should be focused more through the course:
    first of all, the children mother language should be kept as a valuable thing was born with them. In which way we could be committed more to their first language and don`t mixed them up?
    Then, English teaching process in home country or some different situations (such as...

  • Thanking the brief outline of the week, would mentors find more about some other titles namely "silence" and "mindfulness" and their relations to the rest of subjects. Truly, I ask you kindly help me find any logical mind map regarding these weeks schedule?

  • As far as I understand, there are a lot of exceptions regarding the territories and punctuality regards the different contexts in every culture. Then, as Dylan commented, territories could be defined rather than just an interpersonal distance or as commented, focusing on time could be changeable from context to context (like leisure time vs. meeting time) So,...

  • This dialogue is like what I have experienced in my (mostly) High context culture in my previous work place by a boss who emphasized on his reasons more than yours. He just wanted to do what he aimed at the moment and could not imagined any more (regards what happened previously and mid-term or long-term goals). Even, I remember an occasion related to birth of...

  • As far as I know about my life, I prefer LC features mostly, however maybe here I have found many HC characteristics among people in my relatives, neighbors or colleagues. In that way, I suppose that being LC is a necessity for "the discipline in societies" and HC is a necessity for "the frenzy actions in societies". Could anyone help if these descriptions...

  • Would mentors help me solve the contradiction between indirect and implicit (as two features of HC communications) in one hand and nonverbal communications on the other hand. Does it mean that verbal communication is more direct and accurate than nonverbal one? could these features influence each other? what are some features arisen from HC nonverbal...

  • Dear Rebecca, many thanks to your insightful comment. If I am not mistaken, exaggerating to attribute some features to our babies in every way would be wrong?

  • Dear mentors, I don`t know it would be right or wrong, but I have made a short lyric with my son about some of his characteristics in positive side. For instance in some playing situations we may sing together (rhythmic in my language) that "my Pedram is intelligent/ however he is naughty... my honey Pedram/ love curiosity everywhere..."
    Would you please help...

  • Being compared to others is one of the most awful treatment in upbringing children which I had experienced that a lot and I don`t know why (mostly as I dealt with) Iranian parents cover their communication competence to their children doing so???

  • 1) taking a walk in others shoes by considering their identities is just a way to perceive, interpret and react fairly.
    2) As far as I have considered, rather than reading someone stories, it would be very helpful if we were aware about many other`s nonverbal clues.
    3) Truly I am looking for such opportunities to have international scholar interactions in...

  • MEHDI POURGHASEMI replied to [Learner left FutureLearn]

    Dear Ann, in agreement with you, I also think that coming humans closer together makes the shortages more obvious and there are more efforts need to keep positive relationship...

  • Dear Alex, Many thanks to your brief insightful response... It would be appreciated if you could help me more and had a connection by this email address:

  • could everyone please help me compelet my impression about the identity outer layers if they are:
    - more temporary
    - more cultural
    - less informative
    - ...

  • Dear mentors! I hope it would not be bothering if I asked about the rules of Social Identity Theory specifically right for Cultural Identity? By which I mean, why social and cultural identities seem to be such similar with regards different aspects of cultural identity were mentioned and the SIT?

  • I think that all the intercultural competence is "self-consciousness, intelligent and respectful to others in our interactions and being Nonverbal competent is the first ability in that way. could anyone help correct or complement that?

  • Then, the necessity of reading other clues and being aware about our behaviors in (mostly) intercultural interaction lead us to one essential competence known as "nonverbal communication". could mentors help us more about that?
    Also, as it was explained that the first or more obvious layer is a public layer, could we consider that as more cultural identity?...

  • Thanks to the Alex prompt response, what I wanted to know is the ordering rule which the sorts of our identical clues could present?

  • Following the explanation, could I argue that:
    every physical, personal or social features could be considered as cultural identity; whereas every cultural features could not be considered as other mentioned identities?
    what are the specific features of cultural identity which are not in other types of identity?

  • I am mostly defined as a "family oriented dad" from my relatives view. From a career perspective, I am known as a strive social researcher who has an ambition of higher studying. As my neighbors or co-workers view I am viewed as an atheist man who has some sorts of personal ethics and disciplines.
    I feel comfortable with them all, because they make me...

  • This is a "man" as a "freelance social researcher" from a "middle class" "close knit" family of a "developing country", living in lots of "religious norms and values but personally free from most of them...
    May I ask tutors if there is any rule to order many characters comes to mind (regarding the level of view, the engaging duration, etc.)?

  • I appreciate the Angela patiently description and have an extra suggestion seems to be more valid "in this case": I would say "a sea fish in a river" by which I mean a hard, unknown situation in comparison to previous condition.

  • As a monitoring or leading action, is there anyone help me find the proper age range to focus more on discipline? Also, how could we make him/her aware about the necessity of discipline?

  • would trainers help me find, what happen if sometimes in a language learning process by role playing, we (as parents) make a joke or fun situation of the baby`s mistake and like some of our similar mistakes laugh them together to any next opportunity to correct them?