Bethany Golding

Bethany Golding

I work for the Public Participation Team at NHS England. Prior to this I have worked in community collaboration and engagement at Imperial College London and a range of NHS organisations.


  • Agree that the you said we did element of the work is critical @TraceyHall - otherwise we risk disengaging people who feel like their input is going into a vacuum

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  • Absolutely @JaneAustin . Do you have the requisite relationships with those stakeholders to get hold of the additional data?

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  • Couldn't agree more with your final statement @EmilyParker !

  • Yes community gatherings and trusted community leaders are great starting points @SallyH

  • Couldn't agree more @SallyH ! What do you think we can do to make this happen?

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  • Yes I think considering going out to people where they are is really important @LunaHill

  • Really good point @LunaHill . What could you do to start the process of joining up the work of comms and engagement?

  • Thank you for sharing these insights re qual and quant data @LunaHill

  • Agree @LunaHill trust is at the centre of it all.

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  • 100% @DebbueGarner , people need to feel and be part of the change.

  • Well said @ElaineR - reminds me of what Mick Ward says about being an alongsider!

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  • Absolutely @GeethaYogan , community relationships move at the speed of trust.

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  • Sorry @SaraBains , could you clarify what it is you're referring to - is it the statutory guidance?

  • A really heart-warming story - thanks for sharing @SaraBains

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  • Yes @SarahRea absolutely, people need to see meaningful action in response to their feedback and input

  • Completely agree with this well thought through analysis @PhilAnastasi

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    That's fantastic, welcome to the course! I used to live in Shropshire myself. Your Masters degree sounds fascinating

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  • Good point @SumairaNaimaan . Is there any link of his you recommend us using in the course?

  • @MollyTupman Agree it is really important to think about how we reach those in most need

  • What a fantastic and inspiring idea! Embedding services in local communities and embracing community assets like the Children's Centres can make a huge difference

  • Couldn't agree with you more @JennieCrossan