Naresh Pradhan


I am a transport professional working as a Senior Transport Specialist in Green Climate Fund (GCF), South Korea. Prior to this I worked with ADB. I have worked in wide range of transport sub-sectors.


  • Hi This is Naresh, Senior Transport Specialist from Green Climate Fund (GCF), South Korea. Looking forward for sharing and exchanging ideas on Sustainable Urban Mobility Course.

  • Hi This is Naresh from Korea. Excited to be part of the course.

  • What are the various aspects that could enhance or support 'Improve' factor in ASI framework. Can you share some examples for both vehicle and fuel technology?

  • How the public transportation and associated infrastructure designed determines the health of the city

  • The most pertinent issues here is how do we link land use planning with mobility planning. Land use has a significant impact on pattern of mobility and its impact.

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    I am pleased to be in this course and platform. The discussion threads are very interesting and useful. We will keep posting and sharing our enriched experience from designing and implementation of various urban transport projects.