Prasant K Samantaray

Prasant K Samantaray

I am a chemical engineer with interest in research consultancy.

Location india


  • In India, there is a small sea port at Paradeep. There are many fish shops at Paradeep.

  • Discuss the reason why chemistry is the central science.

    I am a chemistry teacher. So I want to write a essay on science subject. It will create interest to science students about chemistry.

  • hi, I belong to India. Previously, India was very poor due to the ruling of Monarchy and British. India is still very poor due to corruptions.

    India was ruled by foreign rulers more than fifty years ago. They had no interest in the development of people and society. After India's independence in 1947, government made planning for eradication of poverty....

  • hi

  • it is a very good course for people unable to give hefty fees for schools. it builds confidence for people having English ad second language.