Lorna Thomas


Lorna is Head of Learning and Education at Our Time.


  • It is discouraging to think that the same cycles of stigma are being repeated! However, it is encouraging that those with lived experience are willing to speak up, we want to listen and amply these voices at Our Time https://ourtime.org.uk/.

  • Thank you for all your input along the way Amanda!

  • I think that is such a good point Amanda, it is so important that this approach is really embedded

  • Yes, I really appreciate your focus on being non-judgemental, it's so important when really listening to someone else.

  • Yes being factual and providing an honest explanation is often what is actually most reassuring - not alternative sugarcoated myths. How do you think it is best to go about creating a balance between reassuring fears by debunking myths, without creating new ones Amanda?

  • Thanks so much for this insight Amanda. Do you see any disadvantages as classifying these children as young carers? Sometimes we find that children growing up with a parent with a mental illness do not relate to this label. It'd be interesting to hear your thoughts.

  • Yes, listening to the voices of those with lived experience is so important.

  • Hi V L, really glad to have you learning on this course with us. I'm really looking forward to hearing about how you apply your knowledge from this course in practice! We know that professionals can make a huge difference.

  • Hi Amanda, thanks so much for joining our course - it is amazing to have your insights from lived experience and extensive professional work. I am really looking forward to learning from your comments throughout the course!