Anders Forsgren

Anders Forsgren

Anders Forsgren is working at the sustainability department at Boliden mines, focusing on social sustainability and community engagement.

Location Boliden, Sweden


  • This is a really good question, from a company view its a challenge to decide according to what standard to report. We try to listen in on different types of stakeholders interest and report according to that. There is however a need to harmonize reporting for specific sectors. As you might know the European Union are working with a reporting standard (ESRS)...

  • Dear Martha, I also agree, sustainability is a wide area and its a struggle to prioritize what to publish, better to break it down to be more site specific

  • Dear Martha ! I work for the mining and metals company Boliden at the Sustainability department. I have been working a lot with Biodiversity at company and industry level both nationally and internationally. Boliden has a target to be net positive on biodiversity by 2030 which is in line with the industry Roadmap on Biodiversity - Mining with Nature / Svemin....

  • Dear Daniel ! I work for the mining and metals company Boliden and we work according to international and national standards but also with internal standards developed for specific areas.

  • Hi Rastko ! Land use planning is a challenge in many countries. For example in Scandinavia and Sweden a numbers of different landuses of national interest can be proposed as layers on top of each other. If there is a conflict of interest its not until the permitting process it is decided what interest that should be od priority.

  • Hi Tony and thank you ! We really emphasize the importance of reporting !

  • Hi micky, a very good question, I will come back to that in Week 6 as lead for that Week. It's a problem with the main part of standards that they are not sector specific which, at least in parts, doesn't make them really applicable for the mining sector. There are however some sector specific standards like TSM - Towards sustainable mining. Lets come back to...