Tommaso Spinelli

Tommaso Spinelli

Tommaso Spinelli (Ph.D.) is a Senior Learning Designer at the Cabinet Office, a Researcher at the University of Manchester and an Adjunct Lecturer at the IE Institute of the University of St Andrews.

Location UK


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  • Hi Anita, thank you for you for sharing this. I am sure that you will find the user research steps interesting! I can anticipate that Government Campus UK is currently working on a new course on user research in which you will find more details on the practicalities of user research.

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  • Hi Ramya, I am happy to pick this up as a learning designer with experience in both L&D and academia. The honest answer is that, while online you will find several assessment models for learners, each case is different. A learner's ability to study depends on the person's cultural background, previous knowledge, familiarity with the language and the topic,...

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