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  • Interesting and effective course to learn. Various methods, ideas learned through this course. Admirable course design from hosts. Kept bounded at each steps.
    Can't wait to see again with new ideas in podcasting.
    Best wishes to fellow learners.
    Thanks hosts...

  • Branding our own identity like logo, website, trademarks before launching a podcast would be effective. Ideas can be adopted but cannot be re-created. Basically, the content should be unique so it should define your identity from the day 1.

  • Social media sharing like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram can be used for Podcast Marketing. Other than these online medium, Verbal marketing like college visits and posters at various locations will be effective as marketing strategy.

  • Well, Android has biggest market in India, if there is any other application it would be better on Android platform.

  • Efore releasing the audio, I will listen it once, twice, untill I staisfied with the expected audio. I would also share the script to expert for plot or dialogues if any. And for betteer output expectations, I will share it with my friends or family for their peer reviews as audience and would edit as per suggestions if requires.

  • The new thing which I learned here is Audio Log. Although I do mapping in my mind during editing, but Audio log made it easy.

  • Arushi Murder case of India drew attention when her parents arrested by the police. Media trial attributed her parents as 'killers' but later on, they freed by the Supreme court of India. Arushi and her boyfriend's death is still a mystery.

  • If I get an opportunity to talk to them.
    I will ask them.

    How is your journey so far? What are the elements kept you growing? How to be at top? What tips would you share for podcasters?

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    It's been a nice learning through first week.

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    I have done several programs for radio program but, I never did a 'Podcast' I am planning to do it today. But, unfortunately how can I share with FutureLearn?

  • India has the biggest millennials as compared to other nations. My podcast will be based on education/success stories and targeted audience would be youth.
    It's also interesting that my maximum targeted audience are Internet consumers so I may have good audience at large.

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    The world is too small to search on globe, but, there is billions stories around it. Each person has unique experiences and stories to share.
    Curiosity based on interest, ethnicity, reilgion, history, cast and knowledge has various aspects which leads to create ideas and turn into the stories.

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    Voice is actually a god gift to everyone. His tone, space and modulation make him the unique. If a podcaster knows his abilities it can turn into huge success.

  • Obama was a good speaker and has humourous and kind nature. It seems that two friends are talking with eachother.

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    A prepared host is better than non-prepared.

  • At All India radio studio as a announcer we have to plan 3 months earlier. We get consent from the guest to record accordingto his speciality. If it's an interview, we would research about the topic and prepare a questionnaire.
    While recording, we concentrate on the direction of the topic. If anything happens like technical/human error, we would re-record...

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    Here I really thank to the Course provider for educating about Scene setting audios... It's a wonderful technique to be used.

  • Sound forge is a good option for sound editing. It's user interface is easy and gives the best quality for studio recording and editing.

  • I liked the Turkish music in Dirilis Urtugrul series that I saw recently. Fabulous work.

  • I would do Fact checking stories while podcasting. Fake News is the biggest challenge to Indian media industry so, fact check has biggest scope to do.

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    I have different ideas in my mind. First of all as a podcaster I would like to cover the motivational stories, success stories and some academic podcasts which may have various artists and musics according to the situations. Like if there is a sad situations I would use the same music, if there is some success, so would need the music which will bound to the...

  • Yes, that story was too appealing among the listeners.

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    Voice making much more pursuasive than text. We can imagine how the situation they had at that time.

  • Voice modulation and demodulation empowers the emotions in audio and listeners imagination boosted through it.

  • As an interviewer for Radio program I went to an old age house and I was recording the experiences of the old age people. During the interview several heart broking stories came where there broken voice made appealing to audience to take care their parents.

  • As a Casual Announcer at All India Radio came across several interviews, shows on radio but, never tried Podcasting. This would be interesting to do for millennials, educational podcasting in India.

  • Hi everyone, I am from Aurangabad, India and joined this course to learn new things by perfect instructors. Learning new things always keeps busy and updated so I am herein. Hope will get best knowledge.